The Amazing Race 9

The Amazing Race is coming back at the end of February and it looks like things are getting back to normal.

Here are the teams:

Personally, I didn’t bother with the Family Edition. And thanks to that I’ve started watching “House” and “Supernatural”. Now what am I gonna do? Stupid Family Edition. grumble grumble.

OMG Desiree looks like Jackie from That 70s Show. Just from looking at the Bios I’m going to have to go with BJ and Tyler as the winners.

He said “BJ.” Heh heh heh.

Amazing Race is back! Woo hoo!

And Survivor starts this week? Next week?
Life is good.

I agree with your early winner pick. “Never traveled out of the US” and “afraid of flying” are not big bonuses for this game!

This week. Thursday, to be exact. Though I’m not sure how I feel about four teams and Exile Island just yet…

Ugh. I hate them already, just from the “look at us, we’re so damn wacky!” photo. I have the feeling they’re going to be trying way too hard to be cute and funny and are going to immediately become the reincarnation of Team Clunk or Thunk or whatever it was TWoP called those two jackasses who couldn’t tell a joke to save their miserable lives. I’m hoping for a nice head shaving Detour and I don’t just mean their nasty long hair on top of their heads but their ratty beards too.

And just so there’s no confusion later, I’m dibsing Eric and Jeremy now. Note the date and time.

I’d pick BJ and Tyler, too, with the Track Boys right in the thick of things. This year’s Old Couple sounds pretty awesome! So does the Black Couple.

Damnit, it does, doesn’t it. I have class Thursday nights and I can only record one show at a time. Guess I’ll have to rely on Television Without Pity recaps and you guys. I’m hooked on Smallville this season.

Based solely on the pictures, I like John and Scott, although John’s “fear of flying and hasn’t been on a plane in eight years thing” doesn’t bode well.

BJ and Tyler look totally annoying, but their bio suggests they may be able to run the shit out of this thing.

I see Otto’s already dibsed Eric and Jeremy, but I claim a solid second place in line.

Ahhhh noooo…CBS didn’t post the teams’ ages!! So much for doing a statistical analysis based on age, relationship, and gender this year…

I still can’t decide who’s the token Closeted Gay Couple – John & Scott, Eric & Jeremy, or Lisa & Joni. :smiley:

The good thing about family edition was there were no ‘dating couples’. They make up for it this year… oh baby, c’mon baby, yea baby that’s it.

Jackie’s look-a-like looks about the same age, I didn’t know that was her mom at first glance. And please, not another young female couple that dresses the same. We did that already and they sucked.

Can’t it be all three? All four of the afore-mentioned guys are pinging my gaydar. I mean c’mon, one of them’s a valet and the other’s a waiter? Please. And on the other team, one of them has dogs named Hector and Percy, and the other’s personal motto is a quote from Auntie Mame?

My lesbidar is not as acute but it’s not pinging off Lisa or Joni, although Danielle and Dani…oh wait, that’s not lesbidar, that’s nausea at the matching PNK tops.

Um … Lisa & Joni are sisters, so while it’s entirely possible that they could be a couple, it would be seriously gross. And Danielle & Dani already irk me – although I can’t tell if it’s because of the yukko highlights or the tanktops they’re wearing in their picture. Or perhaps the smirk that the one of them has.

My prediction from last to first:

Danielle & Dani- Plus: The should get along well -Minus: Two women -also they dress alike and have the same name! (I hate them already)

David & Lori: Plus: Laid-back and easy-going -Minus: Soft, and non-athletic

John & Scott : Plus: Friends, two men -Minus: Fear of Flying!

Ray & Yolanda - Plus: Athletes, Smart -Minus: She’s “late” and they’re both “opinionated and stubborn”

Lisa & Joni - Plus: Over six feet tall -Minus: Two middle age women

Fran & Barry- Plus: Very well traveled -Minus: Too cute, too clever, will try too hard
BJ & Tyler - Plus: Very well traveled -Minus: Too cute, too clever, will try too hard

Jeremy & Eric- Plus: Two men who are athletes -Minus: They’re gonna fight like cats and dogs

Lake & Michelle - Plus: Married 14 years -Minus: Have not traveled “Type A” = Prick who yells a lot

Joseph & Monica - Plus: Common intrests -Minus:

Dammit: I don’t know how that posted.

Correction should be (cut an paste error):

Fran & Barry- Plus: Very well traveled -Minus: Too old

Joseph & Monica (Kris and Jon v2.0) - Plus: Common intrests -Minus: it looks like there is going to be some tough competition

My guess at the pre-race interview with Dani and Danielle.

Dani: Like ohh my gawd! We are sooo ganna kick but in the Exciting Race!
Dani: Its the Immaculate Race dummy!
Dani: Whatevvah. All the girls at Hooters will be sooo jealous!!
Dani: Yea! Did we pack the highlighter and lipgloss?
Dani: Like, I dunno…we can just smile at a few dirty people and they will get some for us.
Dani: Thats totally true! We rule!!

and so on
and so on
and so on

So, is “Team Nerd” David & Lori? So I can have my T-shirts made up with the right names.

Just to be different, I reserve the old farts, Fran and Barry. Yeah, the oldies are usually sure losers, but these guys are in good shape and are well-travelled so they presumably work well together. Yeah, they probably will lose to their younger rivals but I’m a sucker for a long shot. At least there shouldn’t be any “Oh my gaawd, this country is, like, so poor! Look at all the trash and homeless people!!”

How the heck can not one, but two people think that the clown team can possibly win?

I also pick Lake as the arsehole of the competition.

OK, I’ll do it. I’ll take Dani and Danielle. Of course, it is blatantly obvious that they must be dim and sahllow because they highlight their hair and wear matching pink shirts. Who knows, maybe in some bizarre mixed up world, two college graduates, where one is top of the class, can somehow overcome the fact that they are attractive and win this thing.