The Amazing Race season 22 - Ep 2 2/24

I’m not really rooting for any one team, but I thought it was pretty cool that the blonde with cheer leading experience as her skill smoked Max the Douch on the stilt challenge.

My favorite teams before the season started, without knowing anything about the teams? Twin docs and firefighters.

My favorites once the season started? Dad and son.


I heard it more like this:

“How dare those women ATTEMPT TO BEAT US. Well, we will BEAT THEM. With OUR FISTS. After WE PUSH THEM TO THE GROUND. Mwahahaha!”

Max is a sociopath, is what I’m saying.

From the previews, so spoilered:

It looks like the dad on Team Cancer is actually going to try to run the race on crutches. Should be interesting. Although I have to admit that even if it was due to some sort of airport regulations, the scene with the son pushing him in the wheelchair bothered me, racewise…

“Of course, our word is our bond, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to give you our word.”

Isn’t that what you did when you made the pact? Isn’t that, pretty much by definition, giving your word? Dick.

I think they’re trying to make it more like Survivor with all the drama, issues, and backbiting.

Ha! I was laughing about this while watching the episode.