The Amazing Race (TAR 26): Final two episodes

Interest in this season has really dropped off hasn’t it? I don’t think I saw a thread last week and I was too lazy to start one myself. Finale is next week; maybe we can come up with some enthusiasm until then.

The Amazing Editors did a good job with the fakeout, didn’t they? Making us think that the truck stop couple would be eliminated. I like them, and hope they win, but unfortunately I don’t think they have a chance.

I’d be comfortable with anyone else winning the race except for Annoying Nurse. She’s really the worst racer since Flo.

I don’t dislike the truckstoppers, but I am sick of how they say they deserve the money more than the others. Well, maybe They said need , but…It’s a competition. Who ever wins deserves it!

As soon as Phil said to Haley & Blair “You will be one of the teams racing for a million” instead of “one of the three teams racing” I knew they were doing another final 4. The “And you’re still racing!” was surprise, but they’re just going to bunch them all on the flight to Dallas anyway, like they always do in the final leg back to the USA.

No, there have been others WAY worse than her. I was hating her at the beginning of The Race, but lately I’ve been reevaluating. She’s really not very bad at all, except when she gets into whiny mode about Blair not listening to her. But a lot of the time she’s actually supportive of her teammate and she tries hard at the challenges. She even looks like she’s having a good time, mostly. She’s generally pleasant and courteous to the other people around her, as far as I can tell. And she seems like she really wants to race hard and win. Heck, just in this season I would say Jenny is worse–kinda bitchy and high-strung and thinks she’s never wrong. And the Olympians were showing pretty bad attitudes on their last leg. Looking back at previous seasons there are many racers that are far worse. Jonathan and Victoria, Princess Kendra, the villains in the Family Edition season, the deaf kid, the prosthetics doctor who was incredibly condescending toward his teammate. And what are your thoughts on Mirna? :slight_smile:

There have certainly been worse personalities on the race, but as a racer, Annoying Nurse seems to actively sabotage her team in a way that no other racer since Flo has done. (OK, maybe Jonathon did that, too.) She actually seems to enjoy putting her teammate down.

I kinda want Hayley and Blair to win just because it seems so unlikely that two people that can barely stand each other would succeed. (And it would probably help prove that the challenges are getting significantly weak).

I have to admit I finally pulled the plug and gave up on this season. Boring leg design and unpleasant people were too much for me.

Dancing challenges seem to have so many variables. Brute force challenges are usually pretty straightforward.

I found that I really didn’t care this week, since the only couple I really actively liked (the bodybuilder and the hairdresser) were bounced,

Of the remaining teams, the tall funny guy and the tiny blonde blind daters aren’t obnoxious, the truck-stop guys are still chugging along decently and the lawyers aren’t too awful.*

They seemed to be going so far out of their way to give a “image rehabilitation” edit this week to the shrewish, dumb nurse and the boring doctor, that I’m guessing they’ll be the winners. The truck-stop people also have a chance, given the ending edits (everyone else: “All the other teams are threats, EXCEPT for the truck-stop team” which would make a truck-stop-team win fairly cool)

But yeah, this season was a snoozefest. And Love-Tester-Philbot was creepy as shit, not charming.

*She kind of is. She’s a little creepy.

Personally, I find them the most obnoxious of the remaining teams.
While the nurse can be unbearable at times, she is also supportive at times too. And her worst whining happens when she is right and Blair ignores her. I’d be annoyed too. Her main problem is letting it go. I think she gets the extra annoying edit because her voice kind of grates, which makes it appear worse than it probably is.

What they said this last episode was more a long the lines of that it would make a greater difference in their lives than it would in the lives of the others. They’re fairly poor and from a poor town.

Something along the line of: “we could buy the whole town”

I bailed on this season after about 3 episodes because I couldn’t stand the, “Any sparks? Any romance? Any hanky panky? Nudge nudge wink wink.” that they had Phil doing. I found that I didn’t really miss the show after having watched all the previous seasons. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it again. Life is short.

I bailed on this season, too, not so much for the “Blind Date” angle at it was for the time/switch: Friday nights suck fgor me as far as TV is concerned (says she who usually works at the buttcrack of dawn most Saturdays).

I wonder how much viewership has dropped since TAR went to Friday nights?

Moreover, I wonder if moving TAR to Fridays means that the CBS overlords are hoping to cancel it somewhere down the line…?

I hope that’s not the case but god, as much as everyone bitched about time delays during football season at least EVERYBODY waited for TAR to air.

I wonder that too. I’m sure someone here, if they care enough, has the google-foo to do the research. I’m near retirement age and I don’t have a big Friday night social life, so I don’t mind the airing day but I suspect it has affected overall viewership.

Ratings have fallen quite a bit with the time change. There is murmuring that the show may be canceled this year. The blind date ‘is there love’ crap was annoying at the beginning, but luckily the lack of sparks for any of the ‘blind date’ pairs led them to drop that angle very quickly, so thankfully we haven’t seen any of that for quite some time.

I can’t say this is a great season, but I just enjoy the travel and challenges, so I always have a good time watching. I hope they don’t cancel and move it back to Sundays, as I’d be bummed to not see any more TAR.

Actually CBS announced a few days ago they were renewing TAR and a bunch of other shows.

As I work Friday nights, it would be nice to see it back on Sundays where I can watch it as it airs again. I watch it on their website otherwise, I wonder how viewership rates when watching online.

I think part of the “meh” this season is there’s nothing much between the teams. There’s usually some tension somewhere between one team and another, but since these teams don’t know each other, it seems there isn’t as much dislike between teams since they’re all strangers. While they’re competing, they’re still in it in a more together way than when people with history together are pitted against others with history together.

While I generally like the tasks for the detours and roadblocks, I think having the outcomes depend more on the things that most travelers cope with such as travel logistics, navigation, and dealing with language and custom differences make the show interesting. I think lately that part has been slightly nerfed for the racers. Finding a local with a smartphone shouldn’t be allowed, though I get that it is a realistic solution. Just seems a bit easier than it should be.

I’ve only been watching since 2010, so now you have me curious. How different was it back in the early days, before smartphones were ubiquitous? TAR predates the “smartphone age”, yes?