The amazing Toilet Telephone.

I had a reverse epiphany while enjoying some chiliqueles for breakfast:
While in juvenile hall for some silliness back in about 1960, I learned an old jailhouse trick. If you put a pillow across a toilet bowl, bounce up and down on the pillow till all the water clears from the trap, and someone in another room does the same, you can talk through the sewer pipe. Just like in “Mutiny on the Bounty”.
Cool, huh? Coupla hardened criminals sitting next to a toilet, talking into it.
BTW; one of the guys name was Ralph. We thought that was funny as hell. :smiley:

So you won’t be joining the queues to buy an IPhone, then? :slight_smile:

I am considering an upgrade. :slight_smile:
No, no queues, but I do want one. Later. Badly.

Wouldn’t it be … erm … a rather … smelly telephone?

We didn’t care about that. We just wanted to get away with something.

I suppose if you didn’t want to talk to a hardened criminal, you’d have to use ‘call blocking’ by shitting a lot and not flushing.

Also gives new meaning to hearing a ‘busy signal’.

Yeah, that would work. But you would eventually have to come face to face with said criminal. In the big house, one must cultivate one’s relationships.

This was before the Wii, then. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. This was more like, I dunno, checkers?
Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock. (several minutes pass)
Upon some reflection, I realize some of you probably won’t know what checkers is. Or was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t Checkers a non-declared gift to a pubbie who ended up on plumbing charges?