The American Coup: 11.9.2020 -

Sorry to keep discussing this, am I a bad person for thinking hes totally hot?

Historically it is the Colonel level that back coups

If they helped an attack on the Capitol, the expulsion part should be skipped because they need to be arrested and go to prison.


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Agreed, and I see no reason why that wouldn’t happen

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are in DC, or at least just across the Potomac.

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I’m going to be cautiously optimistic and say that anyone receiving his orders would refuse, though I’ve given up trying to predict Trump at this point.

On a different topic, I started poking around some of the “alt-tech” apps like Gab, and all I can say is, holy shit there’s a boat load of casual insanity there. The concern I have - speaking of the military and law enforcement - is that the cranks will make less noise if they’re off of FB and twitter, but they’re going to harder to monitor as well.

Disagree. If you are “poking around” these apps and groups, you can be damned sure that the homeland security folks and the FBI are doing more than “poking around”

I’ve no doubt they’re doing that right now, but I’m concerned about three or six months from now.

With any luck, many of the idjits currently posting on these sites will either be in prison, or will be pretending that they never said anything positive about Trump.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s chief of staff said that when they were sheltering in the Congresswoman’s office, they discovered that all of their panic buttons had been ripped out. Ahead of the attack. If this is true, it would have to have been an inside job. People are now, without evidence, questioning the suicide of the Capitol policeman.

Trump’s fitness for office is obviously now front and center, and made official with impeachment proceedings today by the House. At least that means that anyone in the chain of command knows that they have clear protection to refuse any order that they feel is illegal. Or, conversely, that someone choosing to follow a seditious order cannot credibly claim that they were “just following orders”.

It doesn’t give complete comfort, but anyone in the military who now dares to collude with Trump to foment insurrection must be totally committed, the stakes are raised. If they commit to a conspiracy to overthrow the government, either it succeeds or they are doing hard time for treason.

As well they should. Nobody is making any accusations just yet, but you have to admit it looks a tad suspicious.

If you shoot at the King, you better not miss!

The remorse of psychopaths. Not sorry for the harm they caused; not sorry for the wrong things they did - sorry they got caught; sorry this is happening to them.

Yes, he makes the same observations that some of us have been making, but he frames the Republican strategy a bit differently in words.

Nah, he’ll just stiff his lawyers again. Just like he’s already doing with Juliani.

True that. The the House members already used timing as a justification for their no votes. The Senate has plenty of cover with “He’s already out of office, now it would just be a political game.” Ignoring that there must be consequences for that type of action.

From that article, the friend who tried to pull her out says,

Right. All those white antifa members storming around in the crowd.

You are absolutely correct.

Nothing for this election. But they are going to really stir up the shit and prep for the next elections and the ones following that.

The guy with the zip ties is a retired Air Force officer. I hope they court martial him.

As the timeline gets more clear, cnn reported that mike pence was 1 minute away from insurgents. He was whisked into a room, one minute later insurgents gained access to the corridor.

1 minute and the vp’s secret service would have been in a very heated battle. How pence did not use the 25th, I don’t know or understand. Trump should have been out and under psychiatric evaluation that night.

The 25th doesn’t apply to God.