The Americans on Netflix

My wife got into The Americans, and watched up through Season Five on Netflix here in Japan. We were waiting for Season Six to get on Netflix as well, figured there would be a bit of a delay.

Last week during a trip to the US we logged on to Netflix to see if Season Six was available…and The Americans wasn’t available at all…if the entire show has been pulled, does this mean Season Six won’t be made available in Japan at some point? My son would be royally P.O.'d, he watched Seasons 1 and 2 of The Flash and is waiting for the next two seasons to be made available in Japan (appears to be available the US already).

I can’t imagine Netflix would turn off potential viewers by not making full shows available, but they’re really risking that anyway by removing the ability to binge-watch. My wife is hesitant to start watching another new series if the full seasons aren’t going to be available…

The Americans was shown on Amazon in the United States.

Seasons 1 through 6 are still available for free to Amazon Prime members and for a fee to everyone else.

I can’t say for certain, but this sounds like a simple Netflix Japan vs Netflix US rights issue. Netflix Japan has the rights to stream The Americans, whereas Netflix US doesn’t (and I don’t think ever did).

I just looked at a list of shows available on Netflix Japan and The Americans seasons 1-5 are still listed, so you’ll probably get season 6 eventually depending on the contract negotiated by the rights holder and Netflix Japan.

If you’re talking about incomplete seasons or shows being pulled, that isn’t really up to Netflix, its more because the rights holder wants it that way.

Netflix has different shows available depending on what country you are in.