The Amero: how widespread is it?

First off, yes I know it’s a daft load of dung.

On another message board, there were a few conspiracy fools. Among the usual foolery, they believed that Mexico, Canada, and the US are now one big happy nation. That would be harmless enough, but two of these guys claimed to be holding gold Amero (or Americo) coins. That has to be a scam, and I said so. I checked several currency and coin websites, and none of them bought or sold Ameros.

What I’m wondering now is how big a scam it is. I read somewhere that the feds had looked into Goldline and similar gold coin scammers, but I just checked and they’re still going strong.

Who is milking the chumps by selling Ameros?

You can buy Amero coins, but they are as valid as quattloos.

There’s a guy making them as curiosities, and of course, some CT money.

You can get them hereor here

The Amero is already a reality, and has been for a long, long time. Except they’re usually called “dollars”.

From the 2 links Aji de Gallina gave us, it seems that Daniel Carr sold all the “private-issue fantasy pattern coins” he made. In the video, Carr said he got $9 each for the small copper “quarter-Amero” coins, all the way to $1,000 for the highest denomination ones. It’s a lot more than 1 USD = 1 Amero.

That’s a pretty slick racket, but I didn’t calculate just how many chumps he drew in