The annual What To Get For Nieces And Nephews thread

My aunt’s grandchildren are, for all intents and purposes, my nieces and nephews. And they need Christmas gifts. I’m looking in the $5 - $10 range. Here are the kids:

Boys, 6 and 7. Home schooled. Older one has anger management issues. They love Legos and Beyblades but have tons.

Girl, 10. Old for her age. Loves being fabulous. Lives with her two brothers:

Boys, 12 and 14. Xbox addicts. Older one plays football, younger one is very much a sensitive middle child. Did I say they are Xbox addicts? They don’t read books.

Girl, 20. Going to community college, majoring in ?. Living with her fiance. I cannot wait till next year when I can just give her wine, like the rest of the adults.

My aunt suggests I just give them all McDonald’s gift cards. I’d do it without a thought but I feel like I want to do something “better” for the 12 and 14 year old boys. Give them something “real”. I thought about wooden bokkens or pocket knives, then thought better of it.


There are some cool things at this site:

There is a trend for kids to make and exchange bracelets made from tiny rubber bands. You could get an awful lot of supplies for making them on your budget.

If the 10-year-old girl is allowed to wear makeup, you could get her a makeup palette or set. E.l.f brand is sold at Target and it’s very inexpensive (used to be $1 each but I don’t know if it is still) so you could get her a bag filled with several different things for $10.

swiss army USB drive (4gb) :

pretty book mark :

massive chocolate kisses:

gold plated toothbrush:

Five Below is a fun store to shop at for kids!