Christmas present recommendations thread

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s going to ask for this kind of advice, nor am I the first this year…

I’d like to get the shopping over with before Thanksgiving, so please, help me! We are attending my aunt’s family Christmas, and I’d like to have small gifts for her grandchildren. Please recommend something to me that is in the $10 or less range. Since we need to spend so little, gift cards don’t seem like the right thing for any of them.

The ages and genders in question are:

Two little boys ages 5 and 3, with wholesome Christian-type parents
One little girl, age 7, likes everything girly and pretty and pink
Two boys ages 11 and 13, love to play Gears of War on Xbox
One girl age 14, I don’t know much about her at all
One girl age 17, likes to play Shock Jock on Facebook and hates people who “haven’t been hurt by life”

Bonus points if I can order everything from the same website or get it all at Target.


How about an hours worth of therapy for this little joy?

Heh. Would totally do it if not for the price limit.

The seven-year-old: one of those tiny play sets, like the animals one or the Polly Pockets type, if they still make those.

The oldest two: iTunes gift cards.

The youngest boys: something in the Hot Wheels range.

The middle boys: I don’t know. That’s a rough age. My twelve-year-old son is jonesing for a set of multitool keychains that he saw at Costco. I’ve seen one-off small multitools in your price range.

Seriously, she’s likely to need this sooner than later. . .

I would get them a chalkboard, chalk, and erasers.

TruCelt, that’s a perfect gift for that poor, poor girl. :smiley:

For the 5- and 3-year-old boys, LEGOS!! Perhaps, if the littlest is too small, Duplos, but my siblings and I loved Legos by that age.