ok, discuss.

What more can be said? They are nuts, and their ideas speak for themselves.

Wasn’t that the plot of Prometheus?

I like it when it’s cherry season again. Fresh Ranier cherries are one of the high points of my summer.

What do you want to discuss, JMH125? What’s the debate? Please post one or I’ll have to close this.

Why did you put the title partially in all-caps?

God talks in CAP!

Nothing like fresh cherry tarts in the morning.

Oh, with clotted cream, if you can get it.

Anything in there about Xenu? Gotta have Xenu, or it’s not good. Just ask Tom.

Because typing name in capital letters means that you’re referring to the legal corporation of that person, not the actual biological identity.


Oh boy, it was compete nonsense when Erich Von Daniken proposed it decades ago and it is nonsense today.

I’m playing The Secret World right now. It’s an MMO based on the idea that things like the Annunaki, the Illuminati, the Templars, etc are all real. The game opens in a Lovecraftian New England town and goes on from there. It’s got a blend of modern day weapons and ancient mysticism. The quests are mission based - you’re sent to this town to investigate what’s going on. There’s some straightforward “kill ten zombies” quests but the real meat of the game is the investigations where you have to put the clues together yourself.

It’s ugly, slow and complicated - but really worth a look if you want something different in an MMO. Or an RPG, for that matter. It plays a lot more like a single player game, since you’re doing the investigations by yourself.

All very interesting subjects, some of which make great science fiction (or could).

If it’s great, it’s therefore cool. If it’s science fiction, it’s a story. If it’s about college-age males, then it’s about "bro"s.


So where are their bones? There are no 8-foot hominids in the fossil record AFAIK.

Zecharia Sitchin, these days (I think).

CMC fnord!


You…You write in code… :wink:

The Annunaki, weren’t they an Indian tribe up in Maine?

Meh. I’m no expert, but I bet there’s tons of species that didn’t leave a trace in the fossil record. Fossilization is a special case, not the norm.