The anti-vax folks are right...!!! (YouTube video)

…if we are talking about vaccines made in China. They ARE harmful and they don’t work! Man, teach me to call them anti-science idiots without a clue. :smack:

From China Uncensored, Basically, it’s talking about drug companies in China, and the Chinese plan to expand their pharmaceutical distribution to be more global, at the same time that internally they have had several instances of drug companies selling vaccines that they knew didn’t work to their own public, and their (state run) and the government trying to cover it up or muddy the waters by saying that the drugs given were ‘safe’ (meaning they wouldn’t hurt you in and of themselves, not that they would protect you from whatever disease they were supposed to be helping out with).

And the anti-vaxxers knew all along! Wait…what? Oh, they were talking about US and European pharmaceutical companies, not China?? Oh, well, then I stand by my first assessment. But anti-vaxxers in China actually do have a point. Sadly, China shoots itself in the foot again…out of this might grow an anti-vax movement even after China cleans up it’s act. :frowning:

Actually, antivaxers might rejoice at the revelation that some vaccines made in China are ineffective, since they think it’s unnatural to “fool” the body into making antibodies against dangerous pathogens. Concerned parents in China know better, which is why some are already going out of the country to get vaccines for their children.

China has long had a problem with adulterated/dangerously substandard medications and other products (other recent examples include deaths/injuries from toxic melamine in infant formula, the spate of deaths from heparin made in Baxter’s Chinese facility…the list goes on and on).

Alt med types can ill afford to be smug about this, since Chinese firms are notorious for adulterating and mislabeling a bevy of “nutritional supplements” that find their way into other countries including the U.S.

If I had children due for immunization, I’d want to make sure that they did not receive any vaccines made in China, which recently has been ramping up vaccine production to compete on the world market.