The Apocalypse Has Been Postponed

I recall that St. Malachy O’Morgan supposedly predicted the “names of all the popes” up until the end times. Like most such literature (read: Nostradamus), the prophecies are incredibly vague and ambiguous. From what I recall St. Malachy O’Morgan claimed that Pope Peter Romanus (or “Peter of Rome”) would be the final pope to usher in the end of the world, and as I recall, it was supposed to be this current pope. HOWEVER, the Bishop of Argentina has chosen the name Pope Francis I. NOW WHAT? NO END OF THE WORLD!? First Nostradamus disappoints us, then Y2K disappoints us, then the Mayans disappoint us, and NOW ST. MALACHY DOES THE SAME THING! What’s going on here!? Can anybody here on SDMB explain the prophecies of St. Malachy to me?

I think the first two paragraphs of the Wikipedia article on the Prophecy of the Popes sum it up pretty well:

So basically, Saint Malachy never made a list; somebody in the late 16th century made it up.

Well, damn. And here I was, all looking forward to doing some righteous smiting.

(Work issues. Some people must think I have a magic wand, is all I can say.)

I know what you mean.

Papal nitpick: Francis, not Francis I.