The Apprentice -- 3/20/06

By popular demand, we’re going back to a “new thread every week” system – here’s this week’s thread.

I know I’m giddy with anticipation!

All I can say is, if anyone can convince me to put something called “Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch” in my mouth, I will acclaim them as the greatest marketing genius in the history of the world.

*We secretly replaced **Rube E. Tewesday’s ** Lucky Charms * with Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch. Let’s watch the reaction…

ptoooie! ?

Yeah, but I got him to put it in his mouth.*

*Let’s just hope that line is never taken out of context, mmm-kay?

Let us never speak of this again.

I think both billboards are horrible.

About my reaction, but the “father - daughter” one was worse. Of course, I’m not the target audience.

Wake up, people.

You will never get Brent fired if you do not allow him any responsibility. (Aside from the fact that the producers want to keep him around for the amusement value.)

Damn, wouldn’t Brent have loved that reward.

I’m sure they’ll still try to scapegoat Brent again even though- again- he had nothing to do with the loss.

Is it just me, or are they not leaving much time for the Boardroom?

What bogus excuse is she going to come up with to take Brent in with her?

Brent is a fucking moron. All he had to do was sit there and keep his mouth shut.

These people make me sick.

Everyone on that team is loathsome. Andrea is the worst.

Rule #7 broken.

If you are not in Trump’s sights, keep your mouth shut.

If that idiot just kept the focus on the task he could have slipped by another week. “We lost because the graphic design sucked.” That’s all. Don’t be personal and abrasive.


I agree Brent was his own worst enemy and I knew he was going to screw himself as soon as he started talking about what a force he was going to be in the Board Room. If he’d have just kept his mouth shut he’d have been fine.

IMO, I think it WAS offensive for Tammy to tell him he was too fat to present.

On the plus side, these idiots have no choice but to turn on each other now.

I wish there was someone to root for.

Yes! I’m glad he’s gone. That guy was just abbrasive and annoying on so many levels.

No, he had nothing to do with the loss, but this isn’t a first for The Donald, either. Others have been fired just because nobody on their team liked or respected them.

Obvious firing IMHO.