The Arizona recount--reactions?

Voting with their feet, uh? That is missing a lot… Of vote by mail people. :slightly_smiling_face:

Arizona failed to gain a seat, regardless of an increase in population. What I read is that a lot of Hispanics and other minorities were left out thanks to the shenanigans from Trump and others did to the census count.

Regardless, the increase in people/voters was a factor that resulted in Trump losing the state of Arizona.

And speaking of Texas…

I’d posit that a bigger reason is housing and cost of living. The top four states in Sam’s list all have expensive real estate.


This is an interesting discussion, but it is off topic for this thread.

For those who wish to discuss migration to various states and the political implications of that migration, I encourage you to start a new thread.

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Speaking as someone that moved recently from New York to North Carolina, I primarily made that move because I have family and own property there.

But being able to have, as I put it, a swing state vote that counts, was certainly icing on the cake.

These migrations are generally considered to be good for Democrats at the national level, because California and New York aren’t turning red anytime soon.

California exports retirees - - in colonies. When my parents sold their California house and moved to Idaho, they had to buy a new residence and three rental houses to keep from having to pay capital gains taxes.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

That form certainly allows them to weed out any non-Republicans, doesn’t it? :roll_eyes:

All political parties were invited and no one was selected based on their affiliation. In fact, an extreme effort was made to contact a co-Liaison from the Democrat party but no one would accept the role. I mean…if you just did some actual research.

Once you research the Cyber Ninjas, you don’t want anything at all to do with them. They mildest thing I can say about them is that they are skeevy.

Who are you that you can make this claim?

Hey, did those nutjobs finish their “audit” yet? How long does that shit take?

Why does the application form ask who you voted for?
How do you know ‘no one was selected based on their affiliation’?

Why was a firm with no relevant experience selected?
Given that Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan is a Trump supporter who advanced conspiracy theories about 2020 election fraud last year, why should we believe this will be impartial?

Some Republicans, including in Arizona, may be having doubts, however.
“It makes us look like idiots,” Phoenix-area state senator Paul Boyer told the New York Times. “Looking back, I didn’t think it would be this ridiculous.”

No tells here, nosiree. :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t ask who they voted for. It asked for political affiliation WHICH WAS NOT REQUIRED because of the effort to include all affiliations in the procedures.
If you watch the damn live feed, you’ll see Maricopa County voters and watch their every move and there’s no way to do anything deceptive.

Then why ask?

If Maricopa County voters aren’t deceptive, then why the recount?

Where is your home office, and where exactly did you take those ballots for safekeeping?
From top to bottom, your group practically screams “Don’t trust us!!”

So your group is unnecessary?

Jennifer Morrell was on the floor observing the counting as a representative of the Arizona secretary of state’s office. Morrell, a former elections official from Colorado, specializes in the machinery of elections – the technology, the counting procedures and all the other wonky things that make elections run smoothly.
One of the biggest red flags for her came not during the counting, but afterwards, when workers entered the aggregated total tallies from counts into computers. Morrell was deeply worried that there was only a single person responsible for entering the data and no one to check that they weren’t inadvertently entering a wrong number or accidentally switching the candidates.
“There’s nobody verifying that what they entered was correct. There’s no reading out. These are things that you would typically see in an election office whether they were doing an audit, recount, where you want some sort of quality control mechanism in place,” she said.
Morrell also expressed concern with the procedures in place to keep a baseline count of the ballots being handled across the audit. If a box of ballots says it has a certain amount of ballots in it, workers should count when they open the box to make sure that there’s actually that amount of ballots in there. And when ballots leave each station, they should also ensure that all of the ballots are accounted for. Not every station in the audit is doing that.
At the counting table, the ballots spin around on a lazy susan to three different counters who are counting the presidential and US Senate races. As long as two of the three counters agree in their tallies and the third counter is within three votes, the tally is accepted. But when there is disagreement, the tables have to go back and redo their count. Morrell said she noticed that different tables had slightly different procedures for doing so. Some tables would go back and recount the whole batch of ballots, while others might just recount a smaller proportion of them.
“It’s the consistency that’s an issue for me,” she said. “There’s no audit or even recount process that looks like this.”