The Artist Formerly Known as King

And now I’m back.

I’d like to thank TubaDiva for her help in the changeover.

A few weeks back I started a thread about whether anyone was worried about the possible consequences of possible publication of anything they had written here. Most people posted that they didn’t worry about this. I feel the main problem I was having was that I was posting under my full name, which made it much more likely that a casual reader could recognize me in some theoretical future edition of The Straight Dope. So I have decided to start out anew with a user name which should offend no one except possibly Winsor McCay or Jules Verne, both of whom are conveniently dead.

Little Nemo

Back in New Zealand there’s a stand-up comedian called Mike King. I’m glad you changed your name because I never liked him.

Hero For A New Millennium!

The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat. If I can be bothered.

I loved your post to the How I know I’m Irrational, and knew it was too good to be from a newbie.

I knew you couldn’t stay away :slight_smile:

Welcome back Mike…errr…I mean Nemo.

“We are what we pretend to be.”

  • Kurt Vonnegut

Welcome back. We’ll be looking for you in January; plans to be made for HouDope4 at HouDope3 coming up Dec. 19th.

Why did you change it?

Yer pal,

I’m on the record as saying you shouldn’t have changed it but why didn’t you go with Bullwinkle ?