Mike King says good bye

But I’ll be back.

I’ve decided to change my user name. Apparently this requires that I close off my registration with this board. I’ll be working sixteen hour shifts for the next three days, so this is a good time to take a break. I haven’t completely decided what the new username will be, but I’ll announce it with sufficient fanfare when I do.

Damn, and I almost had a thousand posts.

Change is good.

Ursa Major, formerly PapaBear

We’ll all be waiting.

…with baited breath.

p.s. So that’s what happened to PapaBear!

Why the name change?

Yer pal,

Come back real soon, ya heah?

And Chief, I don’t know what you’ve been eating recently, but it should be bated breath. Unless you’re cracking wise Navy-style.

Awww c’mon, it’s not all bad being unmentioned in the ______ posters threads. It means that you don’t even have to bother reading them. Besides Bug Vomit just doesn’t fit ya’.

Oh, dang, I hate tests.
Well, your style and outlook is distinctive so at least that isn’t lost.
But gotta say I’m highly cheesed off that we’re losing a poster-identity that was a dead ringer for RinTinTin.
Hey, what about Sky King?!


Mike inspired my name, but rest assured, he is not Bug Vomit.

That’s right. I am not Bug Vomit. Nor am I worm snot, cockroach phlegm, or any other form of invertebrate bodily fluid. I am a human being.

Anyway, in answer to over a half-dozen of responses to this thread, here’s the new user name: Little Nemo. Let me know what you think.

Little Nemo (aka Mike King)

Little Nemo…sounds like of like a name for the thinking part of your anatomy (wink wink)