*Spritle* was sick and dying; now he's gone....

That’s right, folks, I was sick of being Spritle and dying to change my screen name.

[sub]Wadja think I meant?[/sub]

I wanted a name to honor my Scottish heritage.

So, after a little rhyming doggerel to TubaDiva (our most Humble Administrator) the change was made.

So, does this screen name make my butt look big?

The poster formerly known as Spritle.

I thought something had happened to racerx’s left breast!

Whew! I thought so too, ChiefScott. But a brief investigation has proved it is not so, everyone is fine. And Holden, it’ll take a while for me to associate you with your new name.

Don’t worry, I’ll always be your little brother. :wink: I guess name changes run in the family, eh racerx - or should I say…REX!!!

I like the new you! Damned fine username; it really grabs the attention, so to speak. :slight_smile:

Hey Holden,
I thought your brothers name was Pat…

You should’ve gone with Oliver Clothesoff or Seymour Butz.

I’ve seen a holdenmagroin around. Last post was 2 months ago though.

I liked Spritle better. The new one makes you seem somewhat juvenile, though reading your posts would prove otherwise. Just an opinion from a non-biased observer who doesn’t really know you at all.

What c_goat said. (Oh, heck, whatever happened to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”?)

Now that wasn’t nice, to scare us like that! I’m glad you just changed names.
Oh, and, if you should need some help with that… :wink:

Oh, wait. I can’t. Mr Bear’s back home again. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of volunteers for that delightful task. wicked grin
Snooooopy, you just made me snort Diet Coke all over the screen! Thanks! :smiley: