Who's changed their username?

I just changed mine-- from stv to Happy Lendervedder, and I was wondering who else has had second thoughts about the username they signed up with, and ultimately asked Tuba to change it?
stv–I mean…


I used to be Ballybay.

Originally, I was Elvis, but it was too hard to search for my posts. Then I changed it to Moebius, after watching the anime series “Silent Mobius.” It just didn’t feel right, though. So I just got it changed to Siddhartha Vicious (thanks heaps, Tuba).

I changed my name from Silver_Fire to Silver Fire.

I don’t think that counts though…

I was originally Shy Ghost, and after the first Portland Dopefest I decided to change it to something that didn’t have an anti-social ring to it.

I was once M.K. but it just didn’t have any personality to it-- I think since this was my first BB I had a need for anonymity-- new poster paranoia, you know. For a while I wanted to be very innocuous and not even hint at gender. Sort of silly.

I used to be trumpy303.

Redukter, until I figured my username sounded really dorky, so I changed it to something a bit more pleasant to the (my) ear.

Mine’s always been lobley (my real last name) boring eh. My recent passion for Terry Pratchet books may inspire me to change it. emphasis on ‘may’. I am quite lazy and very unimaginative.

Recent events have made me think about changing it. So as to hide my identity from all those who now hate the name lobley and associate it with anti-americanism. for what it’s worth - I am not anti-american. just very stupid sometimes.

Did Czarcasm used to be slythe?

My name got changed for me :frowning: However, upon seeing youreitherbiographyoryournot post replies to a few threads, I’ve realized the obnoxiousness of long usernames. Perhaps I should lobby for something shorter.

Yeah, He stuck his in my ear.

I used to be Mudshark2911, but I don’t think that really counts as a name change.
Anyway, thanks to Tuba, I’m now just Mudshark.

Not really a change, just a modification.

I used to be Devilman Palmer.

I used to go by my real name but I changed it quite a while ago.

grim spectre - I like your name - all the words in it are quite short, it doesn’t come across as loud or obnoxious.

Incidentally - what was it before it was changed, and why was it changed?

I used to be MaxOverride. (Thinking about going back to that actually.)

Hey wait a mintiue… You can change it?

The only thing I’d change would be the capital in my name, from efrem to Efrem

I used to use “Crystalguy.”