Who's changed their username?

I used to be stuffinb, but then a couple of other posters who I admire coughthanks, biggirlcough started calling me Stuffy, I liked it better.

I was going to change mine, but thanks to several people’s comments on how they’d loose track of me/forget who I was, I stuck with this.

To celebrate my expat status in a rather roundabout way, I was NoLongerPatrick for a couple of weeks, until I started getting questions that had absolutely nothing to do with my nationality…

formerly BigDaddyD, but I didn’t feel quite right with that. Apparently there is a Big Dave registered, so I couldn’t go with my first choice.

I started off here as Da Ace, which was more-or-less a nickname of mine. I found it a great pain to search for, though – and I tend to forget what threads I’m following, so I had to search for myself to find myself, if you know what I mean – so I changed it to something more distinctive.

Formerly zgystardst, after my AOL handle at that time.

Used to be agisofia, melted down from hagia sophia- holy wisdom in Greek.

Istara: It used to be “thegrimspectreofreddeath,” which had a lot of things going for it, including confusion over where the spaces would go, and a not just one, but two literary references. It had one thing against it, that being that it would ruin the table length of the threads I posted to.

sigh I guess this is progress.

Well, I used to be Raymond Luxury Yach-t, but everyone kept pronouncing it wrong. Now I’m just Esprix.

( :wink: )


I used to be Rachelle (not my real name btw). One of my friends has called me Kiki since we were in kindergarten so that’s what I changed it to. Kind of makes me sound like a stripper too… and I like that. :slight_smile:

My name was originally Alice in Wonderland, but then I realized there was already alice_in_wonderland and I didn’t want to be rude and step on her toes, so I changed to the next best drug-induced name I could think of . . . .:smiley:

I used to use my real name. Now I don’t.

First, I was vanillanice
then orangecakes
Then peaches8
Now I dropped the nice am just vanilla

I am thinking of starting a thread (probably in MPSIMS) about changing my own name, But I am weary, because people might think I want to hide my identity, or something else (some people have an uncanny ability to find fault/take offence). I may ask weither it is wise or lame to simply choose the name of a character from a book you like, like Lobsang (hey, that’s quite close to Lobley! Might be appropriate for me)

Is it wise to start such a thread?

Hey, my next post will be the 400th.

wonder if I shoud make that the MPSIMS thread I just mentioned.

Yeah, things just aren’t the same around here since vanilla quit bein’ nice. :wink:

I used to be LNO.

I became lno.

Maybe I should go back, 'cos no one called me Ino before.