The B________n Bears, by Stan and Jan B.

Before reading the rest of the thread or checking a source, take the poll: How are their names spelled?

Because like the author of this blog, I would have sworn that their last name was spelled poll option 1. WTF?!

Me too! Although at first glance I filled in the blank with “Bad News”.

I read that article this morning and as it began I mentally thought I should leave a comment that he spelled “Berenstain” wrong. Then I realised the whole article was about that.

So, there you go. I guess it’s firmly stored away in my brain, taking up valuable space that could be used for important things like my Mother’s phone number.

It’s taken me a large portion of my life not to think of them as the Bernstein Bears and now you tell me this? :smack:

I’ve read so many of those books and always noticed the unusual spelling. I’m sure I pronounce like option 1, but remember it’s spelled like option 2.

Berenstain. My 4-year-old son is currently into them, so I’m pretty familiar with Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister.

I got it right. I used to read these all the time to my kids.

Like the author of that blog, I suspect the ‘-stain’ spelling is proof that I’ve slipped into a parallel universe very similar to the one I spent my childhood in, but with a handful of strange differences.

(This one also has a Transformer with the embarrassing name Sunstreaker, instead of the far more dignified Sunstreak by which he went in my home reality.)

I knew this one, because I remembered that it’s spelled “wrong”.

I voted for Berenstein to keep it honest because I hadn’t ever considered it might be another spelling. But in reality, the fact that this poll was being asked made me suspect it must be an unusual spelling like Berenstain.

I’m old enough to remember when Berenstain Bears canon consisted of The Big Honey Hunt and The Bike Lesson. I’ve known the correct spelling since I was no older than 5, and when I saw the blog this week I found it hard to believe that anyone who had ever read the books could possibly think it was spelled Berenstein. It’s not like the authors’ names were listed in teeny tiny print.

I got it right. I’ve never read the books, but have seen them, and couldn’t help notice the unusual name. I read very slowly and in detail, which is mostly a curse (my lips get tired), but it does help with noticing/remembering things like this.

I had the same thoughts as Nemo.


Crud. Gave my answer before I thought about it much and, since I’m on Tapatalk, can’t see the poll options. In my defense, I’ve never read them, nor do I have any kids. Sigh.

I knew the answer, but then I worked in a bookstore. :slight_smile:

I only know them from the old Good Housekeeping magazines, but I recall the “different” spelling.

And there was a GI Joe named Snow Job? That can’t be right.

I heard of them first from a humor book on marriage, Marital Blitz, published before they did bears. For years, it was the one thing I knew they wrote, and only learned about the Bears in the 90s.

Put me down in the -ein category on the name.

To be fair, though, I never really cared much for these guys and so they were only read to me. I don’t think I touched them after learning how to read for myself. (I was too busy launching into things that were “too old” for me; I read the Hobbit in 2nd grade.)