The Balls Out, All Grimace All The Time Thread

This is a thread that I feel compelled to start, as I can’t stop obsessing about Grimace, that thing from McDonald’s.

I can’t imagine why someone would want a spokesthing for their food to be named GRIMACE. WTF?? Why not VOMIT or CHOKE?

As to the question of what he is, he looks like what I imagine Barney would look like in his early fetal stages. Great! You can buy food from what appears to be an aborted dinosaur fetus, one that has a name implying great pain/chagrin and speaks like a retard on laughing gas.

I know I made these comments before in another thread, but this is a new level in Grimaciosity, a place where there is all Grimace, 24 hours a day. God that’s scary. I have an image of a poster with Grimace’s head, GRIMACE IS WATCHING. 1984 style. ::shudder::

Share your own thoughts on Grimace. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I’m pretty sure you are, but I still find your post hilarious. :smiley:

Wish I had the link, maybe someone can help you out, but there’s a website out there that explains exactly what Grimace is, also the originations of all the other McDonaldland characters. I think it was even in a thread on this message board at one point.

Of course, it’s all moot seeing as how McDonald’s hamburgers taste like masking tape. ((Sorry, Berke Breathed thread still in my head.)) :wink:

Ah, so we meet again Grimace. We are on to you and your wily ways. I have a new ally in MarxBoy and we are not fooled by your bumbling and illogic. We recognize you for the true evil that you are.


::Cough, cough::

Wait, no, you didn’t…did you? It’s not possible.

::Cough, cough, wheeze"

FOOLS! you have stumbled upon my plan of world domination, by making milkshakes spiked with mind control drugs.

I KNEW not to trust that fool Ronald, and his lame idea! Now I must call out my assasins, the fry guys, to keep this from getting out to the masses.

And Marxboy, you are sure to feel the wrath of Grimace, as you have stumbled upon an even greater secret, but you are mistaken. I am the Evolved Barney. I originally tried world domination by attempting to control the minds of your pathetic children, but it failed when all they did was watch TV. So I came to the past to try my NEW plan at world domination, and now you must be silenced before I am found out!


OK…so I just couldn’t resist posting in a thread about my namesake :smiley:

Here is a link to Grimace I found, and I have to concur with the OP: WTF?

Here is another link, but still no explanation.


He always made me think of an eggplant. Maybe he was originally a spokesman for the never-released Eggplant McParm sandwich.

He always made me think of an eggplant. Maybe he was originally a spokesman for the never-released Eggplant McParm sandwich.

I must have hit close with one of those statements, I made the big guy mad!

It started simple, someone just drove by my house and threw a burger through my window. Attatched to it was a McDonald’s reciept marked “Shut Up- 0.99”

The next day I found my cat dead, its head crushed. The thing was, it was really mangled, as though someone clumsy had done it, and there was PURPLE LINT all over the place. I’m scared now.

If I haven’t posted again in 2 days, call the cops. I just hope he hasn’t gotten to them too…


I can’t help but think that Grimace looks like giant Barney turd. Granted, a giant Barney turd that walks and talks.

Must… keep… thread… on… first… page!

I just went to that link that Spider Woman posted. Grimace has a pretty swingin’ pad. He has that Grimace-shaped door and the 2 lava lamps.

I’m having a burger for dinner and it’s from Sonic, baby. You hear me man?? You can’t intimidate me!! McDonald’s sucks, except for that new Arctic Orange shake. That’s pretty damn good.

Yesterday me and a group of friends got kicked out of a Burger King for complaining about items on the bill that we neither requested nor recieved, we were just charged for 'em. Damn the man! Grimace is probably working his thing over at the BK too. I’m on to you dude.

By the way, I heard this rattling at my bedroom door last night, so I got up and started yelling. There was all this crashing as if someone really clumsy was running away, and when I opened the door I saw someone had been trying to pick the lock with a french fry. ::shudder::


STOP THE PRESSES!!! Cecil has written on the subject!!

It’s not a very complete answer, and that’s scary. If Unca Cece can’t figure this out, how can I hope defeat the beast??

Cecil, how could you be fooled by the McDonald’s propaganda? They want to hide the evil of the purple man from you, and you let them. How many of the teeming millions must die of Grimace-related causes before Cecil changes that answer and gives people the info they need to fight.


Heh OK, I just fried a keyboard…Pepsi and electronics don’t go together very well :slight_smile:

In a more serious note, no, I never worked for Mickey D’s, and since he (the Purple one) is my namesake, I decided to try to find out…from the source. The Local McDonalds franchise in town :D.

Well, me and my best friend walked in during lunch rush. Me with my step daughter, and my friend with his two kids (all of the kids are under 8 by the way). Well, we place our order, and then my stepdaughter (I’m so proud of her…she did JUST as I asked her to do) asks the gal who took our order “What is Grimace?” Well…the counter gal just stops dead in her tracks, so me and my friend decide to prod her a little bit…nicely though. So we’re asking her the same question now, and she’s just standing there stammering looking like a deer caught in the headlights of your car. Well, after about a minute of stammering, the counter gal says. “Let me get the Manager.” and runs off quickly. Well, we’re already about ready to just bust out laughing when the manager walks up and says, “can I help you?” So, knowing I can’t let such a fun thing as this just die, I ask him, “Yeah, my daughter wants to know just what the hell Grimace is.” Well, he looks at my stepdaughter, and at my friend’s two kids, who are now parroting the question, and looks at me and says, “uh, I’m not really sure WHAT grimace is…Maybe he’s like the shake Fairy.” (yes…this Manager said that, and I was sooo close to losing it by now) And he continued on saying that he. “just spreads happiness to boys and girls with shakes”. By now the manager has sweat on his brow and reaches under the counter and handed us a BUNCH of free food coupons, and apologized that he couldn’t help us out any further, and walked off FAST. When me and my friend walked out of that store we were laughing so hard we were crying.

We ate free food for like two weeks after that :smiley: Almost tempted to hit up another Mickey D’s just to see what happens.

It’s too bad Rob didn’t hit here earlier, I’m gonna have to quote his sig. It’s from the Clerks cartoons (which never should have been cancelled.)

Reporter: Could The Motaba Virus Kill The Grimace?
Police Chief: NOTHING Can Kill The Grimace!