The Bastard Fairies

Has anybody heard of this band? Caught a video of theirs on PBS of all places, they have some sort of international video show on in the middle of the night. They have a great sound and style, an American Indian lady singer who’s very easy on the eyes and has a great voice, and an English guitarist. They look like they’d be really fun to party with. :wink:

Some of their videos:

A Venomous Tale:

Brand New Key (cover):

They remind me of The Breeders for some reason, maybe it’s something in their style.

I discovered them through sometime last year and quite like them. My favorite songs of theirs are “We’re All Going to Hell” and “Ode to the Prostitute”.

Their entire debut album’s free for download on their website if you didn’t know. I snagged it all months ago.