The Beast's 50 most loathesome people of 2007!

It’s here. It’s vile. It’s depraved, warped, and so cynical it threatens to rip a fucking glory hole in the fabric of space-time.

It’s The Beast!.


A big fat “meh”.

Good rant. It didn’t hurt that I agreed with almost all of it already.

Who the hell is Sherri Shepherd?

ETA: never mind. Wiki’d her.

Excellent picture for Giuliani.

Great list; however, Michael Savage should have been on there somewhere.

My fave:

Had to look her up too. Apparently massive stupidity isn’t enough to get one fired as a network TV host.

I don’t know why that disturbs me. It’s probably more accurate to say that it’s a requirement for numerous network host jobs.

While the IQ of that show (The View) went up when Whoopie replaced Rosie, Sheri’s replacing Elizabeth drove it back down again- even moreso.

Sheri didn’t replace Elizabeth- Elizabeth was just on maternity leave for a while. Sheri and Whoopie were hired to replace Rosie.

Hey, thanks for the link. That was a great read although, like others, I did have to Google a couple of the people in it.

Could you give me some background on the webzine? First I hear of it though I so enjoyed The List that it went into my bookmarks. Other that saying it runs out of Buffalo (NY I suppose) I couldn’t find any additional info on-site.

I like this a lot. Particularly the entry for Chuck Norris. “Doesn’t understand evolution, despite access to mirrors.” :smiley:

Lame. I’ve only heard of a handful of those people.

I don’t want to know how you know this.

I recognised only 10 of the named people on the list. These guys are coming up with some pretty obscure people to hate, or else they’ve got a very specific target audience.

Most of them are fairly well known politicians or celebrities.

Looks like it was done by a 5th grader. Cheney and Bush at numbers 2 and 1. Man, that guy is a creative genius! Who would ever have thunk it?

Actually, having read more of the entries it reads as if there were multiple authors. Some, regardless of whether you agree with the points or even know the person involved, have a very funny style (at least IMO). On the other hand, many are just boring rants that don’t even bother to conform to the “charge; exhibit; sentence” format. Weird.

Ah, scrolling to the bottom I see there were indeed four authors. Well, I’d suggest three of them need to be let go.

But ya gotta love the Larry Craig/Mugwump crawling around the toilet illustration!

Just about anyone sane or close to it. :wink:

Happy Holidays to you and yours, John.

See number 9

The celebrity gossip sites all keep tabs on The View because it is so absurd that it always brings the hahas.

I don’t even have cable or TV at my house, so if it weren’t for the gossip sites, I’d be as in the dark as the next person.