The Beatles and the "skiffle group sound"

Any particular songs on which the Beatles went back to their Quarrymen skiffle group roots? I’m wondering if the bass saxophones (I think) in “All You Need is Love” are an homage to skiffle.

Love Me Do, maybe? That would be my guess.

Alan W. Pollack describes the song as having “a gawky post-skiffle beat which threatens to break into a polka in a couple of places” in his notes about the song.

“The One After 909” is a very early Lennon/McCartney composition from their Quarrymen era which has a bit of a skiffle feel to it.

I think the closest you could come is to listen to the Anthology re-edit of “That’ll Be The Day,” the first recording they made, when they were essentially still a skiffle band of only fair talent, playing rock and roll. There are no recordings from the period when skiffle is what they played. “One After 909” survives in a recording from Paul’s house before they were anybody, but it isn’t skiffle, and the first proper version they recorded in 1963 (also on Anthology) was definitely rock. The version they played on the Apple roof in 1969 is more countrified than a throwback to skiffle.