The Belgariad: who is Wolf? (may develop spoilers)

I just re-read the Belgariad and Mallorean series, as well as Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress by David Eddings.

At the end of the final book, Polgara, Ce’Nedra muses about the identity of the unknown Wolf, the orphaned wolf cub the adventurers picked up outside the city of the Dals. She puts the thought out of her mind, and Eddings leaves the question unanswered.

The final paragraph is that Wolf stares into the fire for a while to make sure everything is in order, then goes to sleep.

Who is Wolf, really? Does anybody have an idea, or has there been any information about what Eddings might have meant? I suspect he’s just playing fast and loose and threw in a cosmic brain fart just to keep his readers on his toes and so he could cook up a nifty ending.


As far as I know he’s said there won’t be any more of the Garion books, so I doubt this will ever get answered.

I never thought about it. The loose end that bugs me the most is I want to know the gender of Polgara and Durnik’s babies!

Ha-ha. Yeah, right. Edding’s is going to keep milking that cow until the day he dies. And the next day, his inheritors will pick up right where he left off. Six months after they put David in the ground, look for a whole new Garion saga in the stores, with literary ghoul Kevin J. Anderson’s name on the cover.

Hehe… o/*I know a series **Miller** doesn't like...*o/

'Sokay. While I’m a (slightly embarrassed to be so) fan of Eddings’s cookie-cutter fantasies, I agree with you on the Dune prequel hating…

whiterabbit, I think the two answers are tied together. I’ve no reason to suspect this, but

[spoiler]Polgara’s children are supposed to be some kind of mystic parallel to the Two Divided Purposes of the Universe. I’m not sure those voices are ever given gender, either. Maybe Wolf is the embodiment of the United Purpose of the Universe, who checks to see that everything is okay at the end before going to sleep.

Dumb answer? Maybe. But I notice that both Belgarath’s story and Polgara’s end where Pawn of Prophecy begins. Maybe it’s a big, I dunno, whaddayacallit, circle thing.[/spoiler]

Or it could well be that I’m crazy and Eddings doesn’t have an answer.