The Best All-Time TV Show [vote for up to 10]

After seven weeks Your Favorite All-Time TV Shows has provided the “favorite” Top 51 TV Shows of All Time.

This poll is to try to determine the BEST of those shows.

Since there’s no way to control the number of votes in a multiple choice poll, you are own your own honor to select no more than your own Top Ten.

Well crap. I voted before reading the OP and I only voted for one show. Waaaah!

So sorry. Want to list the others you would have voted for? I voted for 10 myself, and I suspect you and I have at least five in common!

Thanks! I voted for The Wire, but would have added:

Breaking Bad
Mad Men
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Freaks and Geeks
The Shield

I was close. We share four. This is my ten:

The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
The West Wing
Six Feet Under
The Shield

I have never seen the first episode of about half of the 51 shows in the poll.

Hopefully before the month is out (30 days) there will be at least one vote for each of the 51. Otherwise, the people who mentioned shows in the other thread just didn’t have that much invested in the idea.

No real surprise.

I never got into West Wing or House. I would have added The Sopranos but I really didn’t like that half-season featuring Vito (the gay mobster). Carnivale and Six Feet Under would have made the list but it would have been more than ten.

When this poll is over, how about a poll asking for just one choice? I’d like to see that – it’s always hard to pick just one.

Good idea. It’s my hope that this poll will produce a convincing Top Ten out of the 51 entries.

The Top Ten could be a one-vote affair to pick Number One. That would be nice if we get at least 100 voters in this one.

You’ll never get anything meaningful out of a “Choose one” vote. Too many variables, too many genres. How do you make a rational choice between the best cooking show ever and the best sit-com ever? Can’t be done.

What you say makes good sense. Any poll seeking a “best” or even a “favorite” is going to be flawed. Maybe the best way (or at least a good way) to present the idea is to imagine that all ten (or x-number) are on during the same time slot and you don’t have a TiVo, DVR or even a VHS to record what’s on the other channels. Which one would you watch?

I have yet to see any list of Top X-number anythings that I agree with more than 75%. Even Ebert’s Top Whatever List would have me arguing with it. And I can’t remember seeing his Number One pick, have you?

Maybe not. But I didn’t have any trouble picking a #1 favorite out of all genres, but that’s because, to me, The Wire is head and shoulders above everything else, in any genre. It’s the one DVD set that I’d take to my desert island.

Maybe there could be polls by genre.

And we won’t ever agree if we use “best” – “favorite” works better, I think. I recognize the quality of a lot of shows that don’t grab me.

Exactly. There are a lot of shows which can’t be said to be quality but are my favories, e.g., I looked for Roseanne in the poll and it wasn’t there!

Well, 2 of my top 3 aren’t even listed: X-Files and NYPD Blue.

Agreed. I’ve never been a fan of either The Wire or West Wing, for example, but I recognize that they are quality shows.

A genre breakdown might be a better idea here. Good call.

What, no QI? No Top Gear? For shame.

In the source thread Your Favorite All-Time TV ShowsQI and Top Gear were mentioned once each.

X-Files and NYPD Blue were mentioned twice each.

I elected to eliminate those shows that were mentioned fewer than three times each to try to keep the poll as brief as possible.

As for a genre breakdown, be my guest!

Damn…also posted with only one vote, as I didn’t realize you could vote for more than one.
Lesson learned: Read OP before voting on anything!

(It was a hard, single vote - but went for All In The Family - quite ground-breaking at the time, and really popular too, so it really did affect a lot of families as they talked about subjects that might not have normally been discussed at home. Still, I could easily have added quite a few others on that list…oh well.)

Zeldar, maybe you can get a mod to put (Vote for [up to] 10) in the Title?

Shame I wasn’t aware of, nor participated in, the original thread that spawned this poll. Taxi is in my top 10, and I’m sad to not be able to vote for it here. Similarly with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and 60 Minutes. (Though The Dick Van Dyke Show is perhaps my favorite sitcom of all time, and is often overlooked in these kinds of things, so it evens out, I suppose…)

Feel free to recommend that to a mod by reporting the thread. The poll itself says that it’s multiple choice, so the OP just confirms that.

Im surprised The Fugitive
And the Law & Order franchise
weren’t included.