The Best Day of Sport Ever

FTR I live in Los Angeles so all times are PDT

600 am Man City v Tottenham
800 am Arsenal v Burnley
1000 am Raiders v Ravens
100 pm Giants v Dodgers in Vin Scullys last game

TY sports Gods

This looks like one of those streaming-spam posts that needs to be reported. :slight_smile:

But yeah, having the season come down to the wild card being undecided and on a Jints-Doggers game with Scully calling it… that’s entertainment.

Even Numbered Year! Even Numbered Year!

If you tune in to the Giants-Dodgers game at 1.00pm, you’ll miss the first three innings. According to, the game starts at 3.05 Eastern.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh…thank you.

Heard a rumor that they might invite him to call a world series game. Hope that comes true.

The raiders are back.

If you’re including Europe, today was also the day of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Europe’s biggest horse race.

Red Wings played the Black Hawks today as well.

Even Numbered Year! Even Numbered Year!

No mention of the final day of play in the Ryder Cup?

Damn, Lefty…that’s golf!
Damn, Sergio…right back at you!
(If you assume all conceded puts would have gone in, they both shot 63 - playing against each other.)

I watched a bit of it, and I have a question. When the player hits the ball onto the green, he hands the club back to his caddie, and the caddie hands him his putter. Is there some reason to give it to him now, rather than to carry the bag full of clubs (including the putter) to the green and give it to him there?

It’s not a big deal, not like the putter is very heavy. I just noticed that every player seemed to do it that way. Is there something in the rules, or tradition, or superstition of golf that explains it?

No disrespect to Vin Scully, but it’s still hard to beat MLB’s final day of regular season play in 2011. Four different games to determine the wild card teams; two of them decided in extra innings, and a third on a come-from-behind bottom of the 9th.According to Tom Verducci,

In case he runs into any bears on the way to the green.

Me, I’m just happy the Giants made their wild card berth by sweeping the Dodgers.

(Okay, it was a simulacrum of the division-winning team staffed by C-listers, two coaches, a trainer and some guy from the stands. But still.)

My guess is, it allows the player to go right to the ball while the caddie goes to wherever he’s supposed to leave the player’s bag. The caddie has to put the bag down somewhere because he may have to remove the flagstick from the hole as well.

I thought of that. It could also be the caddie’s job to replace the any divot from the player’s shot, so the player has a head start on the walk toward the green. There could be a lot of small reasons, but it’s so common I thought there might be one definite reason that everybody does it.

Good call. That was an amazing day.

Yeah, that was incredible.

Here’s the SDMB baseball fans following the action.

And here’s an MLB video with highlights of the night.

Lewis Hamilton blew up, so it wasn’t too bad!

Mostly convenience (and possibly speeding up play)

When the Golf ball hits the green, the player is obligated to repair the pitch mark on the green and that is done with a fork-like tool (or a Tee) and uses the putter to tap down and smooth the turf. That is usually the first thing a player does upon a arrival to the green.

The player and caddie might get separated upon arrival to the green as it generally not good form to walk on the green while carrying the golf bag.

There are times when a Player and Caddie get temporarily separated before they reach the green. For example Player A’s caddie will assist Player B’s caddie (like raking a fairway bunker) to help speed up play.

I hadn’t thought of fixing the ball mark on the green; is that specifically the player’s obligation, though, rather than the caddie?

Considering how long the pros spend examining each putt from every angle, seems like the caddie could replace the divot, carry the bag up the fairway, put it down near the green, fix the ball mark, and still give the player his putter with time to spare.