The best leftovers?

Most Chinese keeps well and nukes good to.
This is true especially of fried rice.

Another vote for chili. It just gets better when the flavors mix together for a couple of days.

But otherwise Tex-Mex makes the worst leftovers, IME.

I’d agree. A lot of Tex-Mex cuisine is based on the contrasts between different foods in a single meal. But let the meal sit and those contrasts blend together.

It’s like eating a leftover BLT - you’re either eating cold bacon or microwaved lettuce and tomato and either way the bread is soggy.

This. I usually buy one dish to eat fresh, then two or three more that go straight to the fridge for my next few lunches. Hell, lo mein is better cold than warm.

Pizza. It’s good even when it’s cold.

Chinese food, still in its white cardboard containers.

Fried shrimp, cold from the fridge is my all time favorite leftover. I purposely over-order at a seafood restaurant so I have enough to take home for at least another meal (breakfast!)

This. NE boiled dinner is the only dish where I enjoy the leftovers more than the original.

Red flannel hash, Reubens or just toss in the wave and warm.

Leftover white rice is great for hurry meals. Stir fried rice, Spanish rice, rice pudding, chicken and rice… Just fold in the garniture, a little liquid et voil’a.

Pizza. I prefer it the day after.

I hate leftovers. I’m having a hard time thinking of ANYthing that’s better as a leftover. The husband loves them, though.

But yes, this does cause problems between us.

Quiche makes an outstanding leftover.

Thanksgiving produces the best leftovers, IMO, so: mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, yams… YUM.

Chili verde.


Leftover stew gets turned into noodles-with-stew-bits.

Leftover squid or cuttlefish in its own ink get turned into black rice.

There is no such thing as leftover takeout Chinese - any order of Chinese takeout is a multiple-meals order.


Chopped brisket

Fried chicken

Thanksgiving leftovers are my favorite. When cleaning up after dinner I make up individual ‘tv dinners’ and store them in the fridge (not the freezer). For the next couple/few days I have plates of tasty food that require no more effort than taking plates out of the fridge and nuking them for a few minutes. I like to make a traditional Thanksgiving menu 2-3 times a year partly because of the effortless leftovers.

Mmmmm. Especially lightly heated in a toaster oven.

You can put leftover turkey and gravy in plastic bags, in single servings, remove all the air, and freeze. I’ve never had much luck with freezing mashed potatoes or dressing, but it’s easy to make some rice or mashed potatoes, warm up the turkey and gravy, and enjoy it that way.

Red beans and rice.

Rice pilaf. I purposely make a huge batch so we can have leftovers later in the week. Bonus: it also freezes extremely well, so I also put away about three dinners’ worth frozen in individual ziploc bags. A bag will heat up in about 90 seconds.

Chicken enchilada casserole. Freshly made, it’s saucy and crisp around the edges. Leftover, it’s soft and tender, almost like a savory bread pudding.

Yum. Now I have to make a chicken enchilada casserole.

While I could eat leftover meatloaf all the time, my kids never would.

Sometimes as meatloaf with fresh veggies, or new made mashed taters.

Sliced for sammiches with mustard on good bread always worked.