The best message boards for learning about specific subjects

I have found that the best way to learn about a subject is to surround yourself with people who also interested in the subject. That’s why if I am wanting to learn about something I really like message boards. They are huge repositories of information and more often than not there are many people there who are more than willing to help. I am mostly interested in message boards about specific subjects (esp. technical, but feel free to post any) I will start off with this one:

If you want to learn about credit, loans, mortgages, etc. this is the best place I have found. They can teach you how to get your credit in order. Terrific forum.

So please post any gems you may have found. They can be about anything. For example, a great message board for learning about cars, playing tennis, embedded software, electronics, etc.


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Yeah, I am not affiliated with the aforementioned MB in any way other than being a member there. This definitely isn’t spam. :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted there for a very long time, but Access World Forums used to be - and as far as I can tell still is, a great place for help on MS Access, VBA and MS office generally.

A few specialized boards I frequent:

AVS Forum - THE place to go to discuss Home Theatre tech. There’s a mind-numbing amount of info on audio/video components, digial media, high defintion video, home theatre computer building, dedicated viewing room construction, remote controls and automation, etc.

Hydrogen Audio - Dedicated specifically to digital audio formats, codecs, software, hardware, etc. Has a rigorous scientific point of view, no audiophile nonsense about magic speaker cables or power conditioners.

Fred Miranda and DPReview - A couple of photography sites. There are a large no. of posters on both forums with a loads of talent, technical knowledge and artistic insight. Except for the retouching forum on DPReview, that is. Some of the monstrosities there will make your eyes bleed.

All That Chat is the board for theatre.

Notebook Review for notebook PCs and tablets
Slashdot for general technology and pontificated law/politics
Fatwallet and Slickdeals for anything having to do with shopping or capitalism at large
Doom9 for DVD ripping/copying and other piracy-related things
Howardforums for anything related to cell phones and service providers

I’m such a geek :eek:

The Tape Op board is great for everything you want to know about recording music, from guys using a boombox in their bedroom to people working in multi-million dollar studios.

Great stuff so far guys. Please keep them coming if you have any more. is a great site for advice on all aspects of digital video and audio, with a helpful forum and a great many links to free and commercial software for video editing, encoding, DVD authoring, etc.

ADVRider is the place to learn all there is to know about adventure travel by motorcycle. Besides talking about the bikes and equipment, the travel reports from the farthest corners of the earth make for some great reading.

eGullet for food and cooking.

If I’ve got a spyware or virus infection that won’t go away, I always go to the Tech Support Guy Forums. Particularly the Malware Removal & HijackThis Logs forum.

I suspect if I had other computer problems I couldn’t fix myself, I’d go there too. Haven’t needed to - yet :slight_smile:

I’ve also been told that CK5 is THE place to go if you are doing any mods or restorations on a Blazer or any other Chevy truck.

GardenWeb is still the best source of conversation and information about gardening (loads of forums on general types of gardening and specific genera of plants), plus there are home forums for discussion of kitchen renovations and such. Registration is free.

Dave’s Garden has many gardening forums (paid membership) and an invaluable free service (Garden Watchdog) for evaluating mail-order nurseries.

You know, I actually thought that this was kind of a silly OP, but then I clicked on a couple of the responses and found some really cool stuff. Thanks!

Woodworking Forum

The Chronicle of the Horse Forums for all things horse related, especially horse health and care. Some internationally-known trainers and competitors, members of several of the major organizing associations, several published authors, and a wealth of informed citizens participate. Bad grammar is not welcomed. :smiley: