The best/quirky/interesting foreign language idioms.

I found an old mix tape I made in high school (about 15 years ago) and was listening to it recently. It’s a bit of a diary in a way which shows my tastes and how they’ve changed in the recent years. Up comes a song by french singer Johnny Hallyday called “Le Mirador”. I sang along like I knew the words the whole time and in some parts, just the phonetics as the words were lost on me. I searched and found the lyrics and got tripped up when I tried to translate them. One of the verses stated:
C’est pas le Pérou
Mais faut rêver

Which translated to “It’s not Peru, but one has to dream…” I was sure there was a mistake or something I was missing but then I found this website which stated:

For some reason, that really tickled my brain and I would love to read some more.