The best sandwich-----because I'm hungry

Probably been done before, but I don’t care. Sandwiches are important!!!

Where did you get the best sandwich you ever had? And what made it great? I’m talking about store-bought sandwiches here, not the ones you make yourself.

For me, it was the Ham Grinder from Milano’s in Dayton, Ohio. I used to work there. It was an oven baked sub. On side of the bread, there was pizza sauce and chedder cheese, on the other side there was mayo, shaker pepper and onions. It was baked open-faced with ham next to it. The ham was put on the bread right after coming out of the oven. There was something about the mayo baked onto the bread…I always added sliced green olives too, but I’m weird.

That sandwich was one of only 3 things I miss about Ohio. I have never seen such a grinder at anyplace here in California. Not that I haven’t looked.

Chopped liver on rye with swiss cheese. I got it at a deli in Palm Springs, and damn was it good.
I’ve never had chopped liver that good again.


That is all.

First of all, to TheLoadedDog, I tried Vegemite, Promite, and even Marmite, but I have to admit, that stuf is awful. How in the world do y’all manage to eat that stuff and actually enjoy it? And it is sooo salty…blah!
Anyway, There exist in this world three reasons for living:

  1. women…gotta have them
  2. a good GYROS!!! Lamb meat only, though, no beef. and with extra cucumber (tsatsiki?) sauce.
  3. a good Reuben samich. Corned Beef or Pastrami or even both on Rye bread with Swiss cheese, Sourkraut, and Thousand Island dressing.
    Now that is what I call living…

Triple fried egg sandwich with mango chutney and chilli sauce between 4 slices of bread , problem is you have to eat it before the bread dissolves.

I’m one of the few Americans who actually like Marmite, for whatever reason, but I would hardly call Marmite (or Vegamite) and butter on toast a “sandwich.”

A good old fashioned Italian sub/hoagie/torpedo/po’boy
whateveryawannacallit is sublime: Italian bread, Italian salami, some cappacola, provelone, onions and shredded cabbage (or lettuce.) Splash some good olive oil and vinegar on top and a shake of oregano. Mmm, mmm…that’s good eatin.

Or, if you can find really good ingredients, a simple Croque Monsieur (aka Toasted Ham and Cheese) rocks! Get the freshest baguette, some quality thinly sliced ham and cheese of your choice (I’m partial to provolone, although something more strongly flavored would be good here as well.) Assemble and stick in an oven toaster. If you add a fried egg on top, you get a Croque Madame.

The Gobbler:

Homemade white bread, topped with leftover turkey, leftover stuffing, and gravy. Nuke open-faced for a minute to heat it up. Add cranberry sauce to the top, close the sandwich, eat. Yummmm!

Ham salad. Ham ground together with lots of green olives, bit of mayo, bit of yellow mustard. Whole wheat bread.

Or maybe boiled egg and anchovy…

Wait, maybe prosciutto/lettuce/Swiss…

Geez, I shouldna read this thread. I’m getting hungry already, and it’s only 11:00…

The chicken salad sandwich at Hunky’s in Dallas so good it can occassionally lure me away from their burgers.

Julia’s Deli in Texarkana, Texas has a chicken salad that is a close second.

The Gyro at Gus’ Jackson Street Grill in Newnan, GA. Gyros, 'nuff said.

The Corned Beef & Pastrami at Katz’s in Austin. It’s served with egg salad in place of mayo. Yum.

It sounds odd, but tastes great. We make it at home a lot:

-sliced turkey
-Havarti cheese
-thinly sliced Granny Smith apple

No condiments (the apple keeps it from being to dry). I don’t recall a specific type of bread–we use wheat a lot, but I imagine rye would be good, too.

[li] Dark Rye (nothing else is the same)[/li][li] Rare Roast Beef[/li][li] White Meat Turkey[/li][li] American or Cheddar Cheese[/li][li] Lettuce[/li][li] Tomato[/li][li] Onion (light)[/li][li] Horseradish (light)[/li][li] Heavy Mayo[/li][li] Heavy Mustard[/li]
Pepperoncinis and some potato chips on the side. We’re talking major taste bud orgasm here. In a pinch, you can use the marbled rye, but light rye and other breads just don’t cut it. Same goes for the cheese, stick to the recipe. Very rare roast beef is preferable to overcooked.

A smoked corned beef on rye I had at a B&B somewhere east of Buffalo, NY. It ranks in the top ten dining experiences this ole’ boy has had.

I made one of these the other day, minus the onion and lettuce (didn’t have any) and it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Bread is called Pumpernickle.

Right on, kniz! Thank you so much for trying the combination. I was first served it on the dark Russian style rye bread. I learned to make this sandwich after ordering it at The Laurel Delicatessen in Novato, California back in 1979. The really cute girl behind the counter recommended it to me and I couldn’t resist either of them. It is now my favorite sandwich, except for a still-warm bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, or a good club sandwich or an open faced hard-boiled egg and tomato sandwich garnished with chives or…

(D@mn, I’m hungry! Glad I have a home made turkey pot pie in the oven right now! Otherwise it would have been the old white bread, mayo, pickle, mustard and white meat sandwich. I’ll shut up now[sub]as if![/sub].)

The best sandwich in the world is Schwartz’s smoked meat on rye with mustard. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t had the occasion to eat one. :wink:

Here is another link. They even sell the stuff in Tokyo! :eek::cool:

Speaking strictly of a sandwich, I’d recommend the Beef, Bacon, & Cheddar with a side of fries from Sadie’s deli in Montgomery, Alabama.

Moving up to the realm of burgerdom, Gator’s (also in Montgomery) has the best bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever tasted - and I’ve tasted plenty!

Obviously everybody loves gyros. But try some fried turkey, smoked turkey, mayo, cheese (doesn’t really matter what), and some kind of onion sauce that tastes a lot like honey mustard on rye bread. White does fine, but rye is just. . .

This thread has been ended as the poster went off to eat.


My “usual” comes from the Lebanese deli a few blocks from where I work. I either have it on a fresh Italian bun or fresh Pita bread depending on my mood.

Smoked chicken, thinly sliced feta cheese, sliced cucumber, lettuce, sliced olives, a little mayo, and most importantly there’s the crushed pepper (mild) spread that they use.

It’s my favourite and a HUGE sandwich like this costs me what amounts to about $2.00 U.S.

At a little pub here is Salt Lake called “The Fiddlers Elbow”. The sandwhich was called the “San Franciscan”

Toasted Sourdough
Thin sliced rare roast beef
Provolone cheese
Roasted Peppers
and Horseradish…