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Another food thread? You bet!

What are your favorite sandwiches? When they are made right they can be a slice of heaven. Be it a club, grinder, openfaced, Dagwood, hoagie, French dip (yes, I know that’s redundant), submarine or Ruben. Please drop in with your favorite sandwich orders and some of your best places to get them. I’ll start with one or two that I’ve posted elsewhere and add a few as we go along.

This is one of the most satisfying sandwiches I’ve ever had. It is also one of the boldest and novel flavors you could hope for. Oscar at Holder’s Country Kitchen here in Silicon Valley taught me this one when I was a chef there:

It’s a sort of Aracherra para Parilla Torta:[ul][li]Hammer flat a 3-4 ounce nugget of tri-tip[/li]
[li]Sprinkle with lemon juice[/li]
[li]Dust the beef palliard with;[list][]garlic powder[/li][li]onion powder[/li][li]white pepper[/li][li]salt[/li][li]powdered oregano[/li][li]mild chile powder (very light)[/ul][/li][li]Pan fry or broil the beef with high heat and melt some Jack cheese over it while finishing[/li]
[li]Make into sandwich with:[ul][
]Toasted torta French roll[/li][li]Lettuce[/li][li]Tomato[/li][li]Avocado[/li][li]Onion (very light)[/li][li]Jalapeño rajas (optional)[/ul][/li]Mayo is optional but this is a sandwich that has no reliance upon it. Absolutely no mustard or pickles allowed.[/list]

This next recipe was stolen from The Laurel Delicatessen in Novato, California and is one of my all time favorite sandwiches:

[li]Dark Rye (nothing else is the same)[/li][li]Rare Roast Beef[/li][li]White Meat Turkey[/li][li]American or Cheddar Cheese[/li][li]Lettuce[/li][li]Tomato[/li][li]Onion (light)[/li][li]Horseradish (light)[/li][li]Heavy Mayo[/li][li]Heavy Mustard[/li]
Pepperoncinis and some potato chips on the side. We’re talking major taste bud orgasm here. In a pinch, you can use the marbled rye, but light rye and other breads just don’t cut it. Same goes for the cheese, stick to the recipe. Very rare roast beef is preferable to overcooked.

It’s all about the meat. My favorite sandwich is called The Cannibal Sandwich. Here’s how I make it.

A piece of lightly toasted whole grain bread, pile on:
+Turkey Ham
+Roast Beef
+Corned Beef
+One piece of lettuce
A second piece of lightly toasted whole grain bread, pile on:
+Turkey Ham
+Roast Beef
+Corned Beef
+One thin slice of Kojak cheese
+One piece of lettuce
+Two tomato slices
Top off with third piece of lightly toasted corn bread spread with liberal amounts of mayo. Yummy. Now I gotta go make one.

OK, here is a very simple yet delicious sandwich.

cream cheese
alfalfa sprouts

Assemble. Eat. Yum.

Geewhizzzz: please give me a simple swiss cheese sandwich on french roll [soft inside, but crunchy french bread outside] with lots of lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, black olives, light mayo, onions, green pepper and olive oil with red wine vinegar and oregano sprinkled on top! Yummy, yummy.

:she bangs door as she runs over to the local sandwich shop:

A whole foods/gourmet store near me makes WONDERFUL breads. I discovered an excellent rosemary foccacia bread there a few weeks ago. I try to find one with a nicely puffed out center, so I can slice it in half and open it like a pita pocket.

Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato in Rosemary Foccacia
[li]1/2 Rosemary foccacia loaf, opened to form a pocket[/li][li]Shredded roasted turkey breast[/li][li]Lettuce (I typically use a romaine/raddichio blend)[/li][li]Tomatoes (use whatever variety you can with flavor — halved grape tomatoes, or chunks or slices of Roma if decent fresh tomatoes aren’t available)[/li][li]Hidden Valley Reduced Fat BLT Ranch salad dressing[/li][/ul]
Mix the filling ingredients together like a salad (to distribute the dressing) and stuff inside the bread.


I worked in a sammitch shop over the summer. I grew to love a variation on what the menu called “Beef and Bird”:

*French roll, lightly toasted
*Turkey breast
*Chicken breast
*Roast Beef
*Cojack cheese

I’m also quite fond of roast beef and cheddar on a croissant with the barest hint of mayo.

Goodness, but I ate well all summer! :slight_smile:

Ok, first get out two slices of Wonder Bread[sup]TM[/sup]. Next, unwrap Kraft[sup]TM[/sup] cheese slice and place on bread. Then slap on two slices on bologna and some mustard. Don’t forget the honey. And it has to be Orange Blossum Honey. No other honey will work. Voila!!

… sorry, but not everyone has the big bucks like you guys. :frowning:

Hey, you don’t have to be rich to eat good. And NOBODY should be eating Wonder Bread or Kraft cheesefood, not in this day and age.

How about a fresh baguette sliced down the side, a little sweet butter, one thin slice of good ham?

Those French people; you got to love 'em…it’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s delicious.

What Ike said… (word, brother)

Here’s a ridiculously simple one. It is a classic Danish openface sandwich. Yes, it’s a bit high on the cholesterol but who gives a rip? We’re talking Nordic soul food here!

Egg and Tomato Sandwich:[ul][li]Light rye or pumpernickle[/li][li]Schmear of Mayonnaise[/li][li]Slices of ripe tomato[/li][li]Slices of hard boiled egg*[/li][li]Another dollop of Mayonnaise[/li][li]Snipped chives[/li][li]Cracked pepper[/li][li]Salt[/ul]The sandwich is best if the eggs are still warm from the cooking process. Chopped green onion tops may be substituted for the chives if needed. The delicate flavor of chives is the very best for this recipe.[/li]

  • The eggs should be cooked with a slightly creamy center. To do this, place them in a pot of cold water and bring to a full boil. Turn off the heat and allow them to rest for another eight minutes. Run under cold water for two minutes and peel.

Man, now I wanna go down to the Cheese Shop in Williamsburg and get a sammich. :frowning:

Perfect one from there:

Fresh wheat bread
Sliced chicken
Havarti cheese
House (Which is a semi-spicy mayonnaise thing that is VERY nummy.)

Eat with a Dr. Brown’s cream soda, and finish off with a lemon bar. And then buy bread ends & house to take home. :smiley:

Delicious Tomato Sandwhich:

lightly toasted white bread
sliced tomato
That is the best one I can make by myself. My grandma used to make the Best Ham Sandwhich In The Whole World, but I think it is mostly the “made by a grandma” element that made it so tasty.

There is this sandwhich shop next door (next door! I would eat there more often if the sandwhich guys were less sketchy.) that makes a terrific boloney sub(baloney, lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, baloney, cheese, mayo, mustard on a nice white bun).

This, of course, pales in comparison to any and all authentic poboys, or however it is you spell it. I eat them, I enjoy them, I don’t make conjectures on how to spell them. They could be spelled “shit cracker” and I would still eat them. Especially shrimp ones. Oh, and roast beef. Mmmm…poboy…

One for the Brits. From what I remember, American bacon is pretty good, so feel free to join in.
You will need:

  • Good quality white British farmhouse bread from a good quality baker. If you’re in the South Hams, seek out the legendary Vic, bipolar baker of the world’s best British bread. If you’re in South Cumbria, go to the Broughton-in-Furness village bakery. In either case go early, and you’ll get warm bread, go late and you’ll get no bread. Anyone outside of those two small rural areas is on their own. You know where the best bakers are in your area, don’t you?

  • Good dry cured unsmoked bacon. Woodall’s of Waberthwaite is my favourite. You’ll know it’s good when it doesn’t sweat shed loads of brine into the frying pan. If you find yourself with naff sweaty bacon, dab it with kithen towel, and be prepared for it to not taste that great.

  • Dijon mustard. OK, so it’s an British sandwich, but I like a bit of mustard.

  • Heinz tommy ketchup.

Cut the bread quite thick. Spread one slice with the Dijon mustard. Fry the bacon, allowing two rashers for a standard sandwich, and three or four for a sandwich that takes the piss. Slap the bacon on the mustarded bread, slop on a small amount of tomato ketchup and top with the other slice of bread.

Scoff it down. You might cry out in joy at this point if you managed to get good bacon.

Have another one — after all, there are more than two rashers of bacon in a packet, and more than two slices of bread in a loaf. You’re helping to support the British pig industry and the traditional British village baker. Think about it.

The good old BLT. There’s nothing quite like it. I’ll use whatever kind of bread I like at the moment, rye, whole wheat, ciabatta or a french roll. I’ll spread a generous amount of mayo on the bread, sometimes I’ll also put some sweet honey mustard on the bread. A lot of alfa alfa sprouts (lettuce is actually kinda boring), thick slices of ripe tomatoes and crispy bacon, hot, straight out of the pan. Oh, sweet Jesus, I’m getting hungry…

I hate you! I hate you for reminding me of roastbeef poboys! I will not be able to rest until I find myself a decent poboy!

Since childhood one of my favorite sandwiches has been scrambled eggs on toast.

[Homer Simpson]

Mmmmm…scrambled eggs on toast…

[/Homer Simpson]

When I was a kid I would cook the eggs in the microwave and the toast in the toaster, but adults with actual cooking skills or more refined palates may use the stove.

I like to put mustard on the toast before I add the eggs. Other people are often hesitant to try this (few share my love of mustard), but most who do agree that it really does make the sandwich. Before I stopped eating red meat I would often add some bacon as well.

It is a simple and delicious sandwich that is especially good on cold days.

Damn you all, I think I am going to be eating nothing but sandwiches until my Ash Wednesday deadline(2/28/01). I give up meat for Lent, and a a slavering carnivore at heart you folks have made me so hungry I am going to go out to the store as soon as I can and get some sliced meats, cheeses, a little good mayo, tomato, lettuce…drool. I know only ONE good vegetarian sandwich. You folks got any others?


grilled or roasted portobello mushrooms (put slivers of garlic in flesh before cooking
balsamic vinagraitte(sic)
good greens, a little peppery like radicchio
havarti if you want
roasted red pepper strips
a little aioli

Assemble. Eat. Yum.

Take the bread of your choice and toast it. Spread mayonaise on both slices, and add cracked pepper to your taste.

Take a frying pan put in a bit of butter and fry up some garlic and diced onions. Add basil and a couple of dashes of hot sauce and then add sliced tomatoes(not hot house, you want them to have body) and cook until the tomatoes are barely warm, you don’t want them to go soft. Place between the toasted bread and enjoy.


MikeG and Odieman, thank you. I now have extra items on my shopping list.

this one is best when made by a mom
[li]2 slices of eggplant, dredged in seasoned flour and lightly fried in olive oil[/li]
[li]marinara sauce (homemade, of course)[/li]
[li]2 thick slices of crusty warm bread (focaccia works well, too)[/li]
Pure heaven.

Best grilled cheese sammy around…

-Two slices of Wonder Bread type white bread

-Cheap ass margarine

-Guv’ment cheese (I don’t know if you can still even get it. It used to come in Velveeta sized blocks, but was a bit more dense than Velveeta).

Out of money? Can get any cheese? This is going to sound really odd, but in college, when the rations were running thin, I used to make grilled PB&J and occasionally just grilled J. Try it once before you judge. Somehow, warming the jelly changes its flavor entirely.