The best words a guy can hear

The first time:

A girl I knew in college. We never were single (or looking, or I was too chicken to ask her out) at the same time, but there always was a “spark” there somewhere.

Two years after college, she was 1 year ahead of me and had been gone for 3 years. I was still in that town working. There was a music fest one particular weekend, and she happenend to come into town and leave a message on my machine.

The result:

I met her at her hotel. About 2/3 of the way through she says "Jesus, Andy, if I knew you could do this, I would have (explicative)ed you years ago.

The second time:

Probably the second or third time me and my ex-wife (then girlfriend) did the deed. It’s all over and done with and she looks me in the eyes and says, “Jeez, where’d you learn how to do that!?!”

I just like “pleasuring” the person I’m with. Most guys don’t care. Wasn’t that point made in “Revenge of the Nerds”?

Not that I’m a nerd mind you.

[sub]OK, maybe I am, but I can still bend 250lbs! I am the world’s strongest NERD!!![/sub]

“The extension to the orange line in Laval opened today, amid pomp and fanfare…”

“Your project is approved. We’ll offer you webspace and our sign-off for your federal subsidy.”

“I have work for you.”

“I got animé!”

“…Raymond Lavigne, Liberal. 34 972. Matthew McLauchlin. New Democrat. 47 241!”

“I’ve wanted to #@!!*& you for the last three years, Matt! Oooh yeah…”

Maybe I’m not on the same track as most of y’all…

“Daddy…I need your help”…from my 6 yr old daughter…

“Daddy…I need your advice”…from my 17 yr old daughter…

“I need you”…from my 39 yr old wife.

Makes a man feel needed ya know?

SNenc, would you be talking about the girl in DC from your previous thread? :slight_smile:

Tyklfe you win in my book :slight_smile:

robgruver: heh heh…cool you never told her but we’re close enough that you told me…I love it!!! Geez, I would have walked right in and said, Thanks honey, but tell your friend to hang up, let’s beat last night’s feat!! But dude, you da bomb!

andyman: You know the old joke. What does it take to please a woman? Who cares? Ha Ha!

(Just kidding)

Reeder, having your daughters ask for advice is pretty cool too.

Spoken by my three year old daughter,

“I love you with my whole baby heart”.

I melt at this.

The best words a guy can hear…

This winter I came home from work late after it had been snowing all day long, and found that our driveway had already been shoveled.

My wife said: “I thought I would shovel the drive for you so you wouldn’t have to miss any Monday Night Football tonight.”


:slight_smile: Yes, yes I would.:slight_smile:

The one time I don’t hit preview… sheesh!

SNenc, the smilies actually work well.

I’ve uttered a few of these to my guy. Good to know he apreciates the effort. (Talking so damn hard when you’re glowing)

I’ve received compliments similar to the OP as well. It feels good to know you’re that good.

Just so y’all know, I renewed my driver’s license recently, and have decided, against my family’s wishes, to become an orgasm donor.

What about “Honey-I heard all the power tools at Home Depot are on sale. Why don’t you go check it out?”

I have two that are pretty close:

A good friend and I were having a “play-around” evening a few months ago. You know, one of those tease each other mercilessly but don’t expect to go the full distance. (Hey, they happen sometimes.) I went down on her and a little bit later she came more than a foot off the bed, pulling me upwards with her a few seconds later to complete the deed en toto.

Her words afterward: “When you went down on me, I was going to tell you to stop, but you’re just too damn good at that.”

The second, and I count this among my most cherished compliments ever: A few years ago I was dating a bi-sexual woman. After oralizing her the first time, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Jesus Christ! You do that just like a girl.”

I think that’s the only time a man has ever beamed at hearing those words put together in that particular order.

“Where did you learn THAT?”


I don’t know about the best words, but other than that “sexiest doperguy” thread, how about:

“If you were here right now I’d be begging you for sex”

For me, it’d be “Hey, you’re really cool. I like you! Let’s hang out.”

But I’ve nver gotten that. All I have ever got is “Uh… I don’t think so. Sorry, but no.”


Maybe it’s all the guano…:smiley:

Words you may never hear, but make me feel damn good:

“L.T., what do we do?!?”

Trust me. An excercise was never so productive. :smiley:

I think it’s a tie between:

“You can do amazing things with your tongue!”


“I started my period today…”

She says: “Well, it is awfully big for me, and what you propose doing will no doubt make me walk funny for a month, and since I’ve never done that before, the strain on my back will permanently cripple me, plus I’ve never had my knees by my ears, but since it’s you I will give you anything you want, so go ahead and take what you want and don’t worry about the high decibel screaming from me.”

No one has ever actually said that to me, but “can” does seem to include future (improbable) possibilities.