The best words a guy can hear

“I think I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was the best orgasm of my life.”

I heard these words last night and have been on cloud nine since then. After she said it, an uncontrollable urge to just smile came across me, and I’ve felt a sort of calm ever since.

Sure, a part of it is knowing that I’m really, really good at pleasing a woman. But the best part is knowing I made her feel so good that it trumped every experience she’s had in the past.

For the curious, it was some good old-fashioned oral sex, with no other bells or whistles involved. (Well, there was plenty of foreplay beforehand, too.)

Not expecting much in the ways of replies (This is MPSIMS after all), but maybe others could post stories of their most triumphant sexual experience. If pleasing someone that much made me feel so good, I’m sure it’s had the same effect on others.

Well, here is one I will share with you SNenc. It was a few years ago when I was in college in upstate NY. I was seeing this girl, and we went back to her place after a nice long walk along the lake. To make a long story short, she ended up begging for mercy (literally), as she had so many orgasms she couldn’t take it anymore. We had sex for hours that night. Not quite sure what was going on, but we had some of the craziest sex ever together. I heard from her recently that no one has been able to do to her what I did during our time together. Makes me smile to think I was that good for her :slight_smile:

I thought they said that every time.

-fh :wink:

Oh, Good God, here we go again!

::: reaches for package of razor blades :::

[sub](just :wink: folks!)[/sub]

Hmmm best words a guy can hear…

How about:

“This is your captain speaking. We have just begun our descent into Beer City. For those of you Taking the Grand Beer Tour, please be advised that after clearing customs, our welcoming team comprised of naked bimbos will transfer you to your sleazy (but very plush) motel via monster truck with a police escort (WITH sirens of course). We have taken the precaution of already assuming you will be extending your stay, and we have notified your boss/wife/mistress/mother/great aunt, and made plausible excuses. Your bank has been notifed for you, and your credit has been extended. On behalf of the flight crew, and our cabin crew with unfeasibly large breasts, we look forward to seeing you on Guy Air again soon.”

That might be ok. :slight_smile:

LOL@TheLoadedDog. Hilarious.

The one and only time that I ever went down on a girl, she told me that I was the best she’d had. I didn’t believe her then, and still don’t, but it certainly brought a small smile to my face.

TheLoadedDog, that was hilarious!

Mine doesn’t… [SUB]Must be defective.[/SUB]


Definitely a good thing to hear…

I think … “Oh God, that looks good! can I suck on it?” ranks right up there too.

and if you think about it, either of our best words could be the best words a person can hear.


I get that reaction from my wife too. :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s nice to hear. But it’s even nicer if she says nothing and she thinks you’re out of the house and you overhear her telling her girlfriend, WOW that was the best orgasm I ever had!

What’s the best thing that can HAPPEN to a man? He’s sleeping and gets woken up to a blow vacation.

(Why call it a job? A vacation sounds so much more inviting :slight_smile: )

“Hi, I was wondering if you’d like to be in this new porn we are filming titled 300 girls and you.”

“I thought only the black ones were this big.”

“You are a sexual magician!”

“You’ve won the grand prize! A lifes supply of Guinness, to be delivered on draught to your kitchen sink!”

“There she is Sir, all yours. Brand spanking new Ferrari 360 Modena!”

“Yours is yum.” :wink:

TheLoadedDog, that was CLASSIC.

“You’re gonna be a daddy.” - The (ex) wife.
“It’s a boy!” - The obstetrician
“Wuv you.” - The little, bitty son

(Now, I realize that, for some guys, hearing that one is going to become a father might be the worst words they could hear. But not for me.)

This one comes from experience:

“I couldn’t walk this morning because of last night.”

It was because I hit her in the knees with a bat. No, it was from what you originally thought.

Guys I’ve heard just about everything that you’ve listed so far (except for the fine commentary about beer city by The Loaded Dog) and for me nothing beats this:

from a girlfriend

I’m not pregnant afterall!

Nooooooo Sir, not much beats that.

Couldn’t even get her juices runnin’ huh? How sad. :wink:
How about this: After regaining breath enough to speak, grabs your face, looks you straight in the eyes and, refering to your sex life in general, very seriously says, “I just want you to know you have given me the best sex I have ever had in my entire life.”

That works.

That’s fantastic rysdad, I just you to know that one day I want to be a father to (hopefully boys) just not anytime soon.

we were having “fun”. I took out my penis and she said:

Not that I care that much about my penis size, it just makes a guy feel good to be complimented in that way.

I overheard this from my wife who was talking to her best friend: “I cannot belive how long he went last night. I haven’t had that many orgasms in my life…” Then there was a big lustfull sigh.

I never have told her I overheard that, but she did ask why I had such a big smile on my face for the next week. :smiley: