The Better Half's brief & mundane encounter with a friendly neighborhood scam artist

[I heard this all at second hand, from the Better Half. I was upstairs, reading.]

Last night around 7 p.m. there was a knock on the front door. The Better Half answered it, and there was a man standing there. He said, “Hi, I’m just moving in to a house over in the next block, and my car ran out of gas over here on Maple Street, and I called a tow truck, and I wonder if you have change for a fifty, so I can pay the tow truck. Also, do you have a piece of paper and something I can write with?”

The B.H. is a nice guy, of a friendly, helpful nature, so he came upstairs, told me briefly what was happening while he was rummaging around on his dresser for his wallet for change, and finding a piece of paper and a pen, then he left. After a minute I heard the car pull out of the driveway.

He told me later that the guy said he needed a lift to the gas station, which didn’t make sense to him (what happened to the tow truck waiting over on Maple Street?), but hey, he’s a Nice Guy, so, “okay, where do you want to go?”

But as soon as they fastened their seat belts, the guy got ahead of himself and said, “Gee, I wonder if your daughter will be all right with that fifty dollars I gave her.” The B.H. said, “What?”

“I gave your older daughter in there the fifty, that you’re giving me change for.”

The B.H. said, “You gave my daughter a fifty? Oh, well, I’ll just go in there and get it…” and then the guy started going, “Oh, um, wait, never mind…” and that’s when the B.H. noticed the alcohol on his breath and the “huh?” alarm finally went off.

So he gave the guy a lift to an address about 3 blocks away (driving down Maple Street, on which tow trucks were conspicuous by their absence), and the guy got out of the car and shook his hand in just the friendliest way, saying his name was TedBobJoeBillDavewhatevermumblemumblemumble…

This is a great neighborhood. :slight_smile:

Have seen a variation of this several times.

~"Hello, I’m a truck driver who just ran out of petrol and I need a few quid, can you help me …?

Oh yeah a trucker with no emergency cash or petrol and a smell of really cheap wine off your breath :rolleyes:

It’s international I’m afraid. It’s punks like this that have made it harder for real people to get help of stranger when they need it. :mad: