The Big Bang Theory 3/31--The Zarnecki Incursion

When Sheldon has his online gaming account hacked and his character stolen from him, the guys team up to discover out who did it.

How could it not be Wil Weaton?

Yup. 20 bucks on Weaton.

Too easy. That’s just what Wil Wheaton wants you to think.

Besides, Wheaton may be Sheldon’s nemesis, but the reverse isn’t true. Evil Wil has never sought out Sheldon to torment - it’s only their random encounters that have led to Evil Wil raining destruction upon him. For Evil Wil to seek out Sheldon would ruin his character, IMHO.

nice little Kaley Cuoco interview here
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I’ll bet 20 that it turns out to be either Wolowitz, Koothrappali or both (Leonard probally wouldn’t want to deal with Sheldon’s insane security paranoia afterward). Or perhaps Penny manged to convince Amy to help her do it. Sheldon wouldn’t suspect either of them (for different reasons) and I think Amy would delight in an opportunity to bond with Penny by playing an elaborate prank on a 3rd party as friends often do.

The big question is: “Who the hell is Zarnecki?”

Perhaps Amy Farrah Fowler read something that suggested that friends play light-hearted, humerous pranks on one another, and decided to test it on her friend, Sheldon?

Barry Kripke?

Spoiler on who the culprit ‘might’ be:

IMDB has this guy as Todd Zarnecki. He looks familiar but his credits does not include any shows that I have seen.

Another theory.

[spoiler]John Zarnecki is a rather famous space researcher. Therefore, it could be an alias of Wolowitz.[/spoiler]

My money’s on Kripke. Or Penny.

Looks like none of the above. It really was just some dude named Zarnecki. Although I’m glad Penny didn’t flash him, which is where I thought it was going.

I assume this is the beginning of the end for Pryia and the beginning of a new beginning for Lenny.

You’re glad she didn’t flash him? On camera?

His groin! Ah ha! It works on so many levels!
[laughs more] Roll it again.

Why call them Lenny when you can call them Peonard?

It would have been too obvious. “Har, har, show the nerd boobs and he’ll do anything!” So, I’m glad they went with something else.

So, increasingly, I feel that Penny is probably the hottest woman on TV. But I mean Penny, not the woman who plays her. I’ve seen Ms Cuoco on talk shows and in magazines and thought…meh. Is it the hair and make-up staff, or is it because we see Penny through the eyes of Leonard and the gang? Or maybe I’m alone in this feeling. What do you say, BBT Fans?