The Big Bang Theory, March 7, 2014 -- "The Friendship Turbulence"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?


Howard and Bernie. Raj and Amy in the lab. Later Leonard and Penny.

Raj and Amy in public. Early Leonard and Penny. Howard and Sheldon. The laugh track in general.

They either need to really shake up the core dynamic or call it a wrap for the show. It’s getting boring.

Liked the line about Bernie’s noise-cancelling breasts. Otherwise another subpar episode in a pretty miserable season. I think it should be one more year and out for this one.

I will admit, Melissa Rauch’s facial expression when he delivered that line was priceless.

Yeah, 'fraid so. It’s turned into a remake of “Friends”.

Yeah, that was a great line!

Leonard has deepen things. maybe Penny will learn to live with his nerd compulsion to be right or he might ease it off.

AFF is moving towards making a move. whichever way a Shamy shakeup.

I felt it to be a so-so episode, but am still chuckling over the mental image of Sheldon being a cross between Pee-wee Herman and C3PO.

The show feels tired this season. I really hope they find a way to fix it but I am also fearful they won’t. It still has its moments but it really isn’t great any more.

I also liked the cross between Pee-wee Herman and C3PO line. It fit well.

I admit I haven’t watched the show for that long of a time, but I don’t remember everyone being so goddamned mean to each other all the time. This season, it really does feel like everyone’s tired and they’re just constantly squabbling and insulting each other. Heck, you know it’s bad when Amy has become the “straight man” of the group.

Did anyone else notice the desk with the Win 98 system is back where the dining table was last week? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t think to look for it until I watched it for the 2nd time.

The couch was back in the regular place, too.

Penny quitting waitressing full time was a terrible decision. The ramifications of it made a lot of plot points almost too big to ignore. Losing a car is financially tragic. Losing your income while you still have to pay rent is financially impossible. A used car is $5-8k? That’s 6 months rent. That’s 4 months rent+groceries. If she couldn’t swing the car, she can’t swing living for 4 months before packing it back to Nebraska.

They did mention savings so having to buy a car would wipe out savings intended for rent. The bigger issue is that it was pretty much established that she was living paycheck to paycheck before quitting so where did the savings come from?

What groceries?

I guess the wine budget, maybe.

Residuals from the hemorrhoid commercial?

That’s what I was thinking.

This show doesn’t provide wall to wall laughs. It is good for two laughs an episode, which is, sad to say, better than most other shows.

I do think they aren’t progressing very well as individuals.

Residuals and Hemorrhoids in the same sentences borders on TMI. :eek:

Sheldon should have bought car for Penny and made Penny his Full Time chauffeur. But he was involved in the B-Story (going to Houston w/ Wolowitz)

Why exactly was Sheldon in the car with Penny when it broke down?

Howard’s quirkish looks seemed to be maturing in this episode: I’m thinking he may look more like Leonard Cohen or the actor Paul Scofield ( whom I only know from A Man For All Seasons, which I was dragged to as a small child ) when older. For all his grossness early on he was always the most affable and engaging member of this tiny band.

Not that that’s saying a lot, obviously.