The big issue: Heater control in the car

Especially if the driver tends to fall asleep if she gets too warm. Just sayin’…

I agree totally with the first statement. To the second, I would add that it’s harder for the driver to adjust his comfort level by taking off or putting on layers of clothing while driving, so he might deserve extra consideration because of this.

For short trips, it is a negotiation between everyone in the car. For long and/or difficult drives, the driver has control over the temperature and the radio.

Good lord, you people are virtually all wrong.

There are no rules. It’s like the Terrordome. Anyone can change the temperature if they can reach the knobs, even the people in the way back. And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can change it again.

I had a 1972 Impala that made the question moot as the heater controls were left of the steering wheel. So, unless the passenger had really long arms, the driver had complete control.

  1. Other answer. I am adaptable and if someone else is in my lil truck, they are a guest. So they can play with the heater all they want. The stereo is a whole different mess of grits. I am the stereo god in my lil truck.

Owner gets full rights over everything when ever they want, first and foremost.

However, for safety reasons, driver should be given full freedoms.

Then the grandmother/mother/MIL/wife/GF, in that order.

Then front seat passenger.

Then backseat passengers.

Then the homeless guy on the corner.

Then your sister.

These are FACTS people!

Many vehicles have dual controls so that the driver and passenger can adjust the temp to their liking. My wife’s 2012 Nissan Altima is like that.

Problem solved - as long as the temp setting IS the problem and it’s not really a control-freak issue.

It’s nice not having to deal with this situation. The back seat of my Wrangler is in storage, since the dogs ride in the back. The front passenger seat is modified to handle our bird’s travel cage (he comes to work every day with the dogs).

Anyone else driving a single passenger vehicle (other than the bikers)?