The Big Lebowski question (Spoilers)

I always assumed she just got sick of hanging out with her co-conspirators and went home.
Either way.

Because it is modern art.

One thing that gets overlooked with this movie is how beautifully shot it is, how balanced the structure is, the imagination that went into it. While I think the Coen’s strive for that in most of their movies, they completely achieve it in this one.

The opening shot of the bowlers with the BoB Dylan song playing is gorgeous.

Maybe my favorite shot is when Donny dies, and the whole background fades to black except for the lights on the bowling alley wall.

There’s a point of view shot from a bolwing ball.

The flashbacks are inspired.

I recently saw a guy with a T-shirt on that said, “Achiever” on the front and on the back it said, “And proud we are of all of them.”

Do we actually know that the money was removed from the children’s fund?

Yes; Maude discovers it’s missing, confronts her father, and hears the “abduction” story from him. Her error is suspecting Bunny as being the mastermind behind the theft, when it’s actually her father. Her father! My thinking on this case has gotten very uptight …

It took many viewing to appreciate the subtleties in this, as noted by Silk1976. It occured to me (maybe this is common knowledge), how many opening scenes begin with Donny bowling a strike, then towards the end, they open with him only hitting 9, with the 10th pin tipping, then staying upright. Donny looks a bit amiss, as if confused. A bit of foreshadowing perhaps… then, the final scene with Sam Elliot and the Dude, the screen pans to the left, and it’s perfectly timed to where the guy in the background throws a strike, and boom: it’s over.

There are so many little things that make this movie so great:

Songs of the Whale

“I am the Walrus”

“Dude, I’m the calm one”

“Who is this fucking guy?” “oh, that’s Ulee, the video artist”

“… you mean … coitus?”

Every single time there is an update to that story, my husband says, “It was nihilists!”

I love this movie… and I think you are right… The Big Labowski will get away with this. But at least they’ll be a Dude Jr. Didn’t like what happened to Donny though.
Other things I have noticed. Chinese nationals (The Chinaman isn’t the point… and Dude the proper nonenclature is Asian American) get a bad wrap in this film. First there is the rug pisser the Lebowski states his legs were blown off by a China man in Korea.

Both Lebowskis are leeches.

Hell we never see the Dude bowl except in his dream sequence and even then he doesn’t roll the ball.

Steve Buscemi who is a big mouth in Fargo and Miller’s Crossing is constantly shut up by Walter

He also seems to have his remains made smaller and smaller with each movie he gets killed in. Miller’s Crossing He is left whole… fargo he’s ground into pulp, in Labowski he is incinerated into ashes.

But Maude said he could keep the rug he stole. (In exchange for a certain, umm, donation.) What we don’t know is how well the new rug ties the room together.
FtG Family Factoid: My mother has been friends for years with the mother of one of the actors in the movie.

No, Bren explicitly states that she went to visit some friends and just didn’t bother to tell them. When the Dude goes to confront Lebowski about his malfeasance, he pulls up to see the convertible parked in the fountain, and walks in to find Bren picking up Bunny’s clothes from the floor and various bits of furniture, while she skips around on the balcony naked. That’s when we find out where she’s been.

I suppose she could have been lying about where she’d been, but it doesn’t seem likely. I don’t get the feeling she gives enough of a shit about what her husband or Bren think to bother with lying. This is a woman who, in front of her husband’s assistant, offered to prostitute herself. (And offered to prostitute herself in front of her husband’s assistant for an extra $100.) That’s typically not something you see from people who are concerned about other people’s reactions, ya know?

No she didn’t. She cracked him on the head and took the rug back, because it was a gift from her to her late mother and had sentimental value. That was the whole point of offering him 10% of the recovered money, so he could go buy any number of rugs that didn’t have sentimental value to her.

The thing I love about this movie, is it tries so hard to be film noir, but its efforts are thwarted by its characters.

My favorite scene is when Dude confronts the detective who’s been stalking him trying to learn form a master.

But comeon man! Ge got laid!

I thought it was more like. . .the movie accidentally became film noir without trying.

The movie reminds me the most of “The Long Goodbye” with Elliot Gould playing Phillip Marlowe. . .also a “film noirish” thing but not fully.

Gould gets beat up, late night trips to the grocery store, stumbles upon clues, gets seduced. . .they’re similar in a lot of ways. If anyone hasn’t seen it, I think it still plays well. I haven’t seen it in about 5 years but for a time it was one of my faves.

What’s great is that Bren might be the most perfectly cast member of the whole movie, which is saying alot, considering there couldn’t have been a better Walter… or Dude… er, or Jesus for that matter.

I read somewhere (and I can’t remember where) that the Cohen’s original idea for the movie came when one of them asked what The Big Sleep would have been like if, instead of Philip Marlowe, the detective was their good friend Jeff “The Dude” Dowd.

Oh! That must be exhausting…

I agree – they weren’t doing it for Bunny. They were just using the circumstance (like many others in the movie) to try for their own personal gain. They gave up on the million simply because they realized Walter was telling the truth and there was never any money in the briefcase.

“Fuckin’ dipshit with a nine-toed woman!”

I do believe his name was Brandt

And yes, he was well cast.

And his forced laughing expression right after Bunny says, “I’ll suck your cock for $1000” – not only was that great, but it reminded me of a friend in college who had that same mannerism at times.

I knew a group of guys that would get together once a month to watch this movie. They would make a White Russian or light up every time The Dude does in the movie. By the end of the movie they get totally wasted. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s another feather in the cap for Phillip Seymour Hoffman in what could have been a throwaway role.

When he’s going through his speech-lets of each of the photos, it’s perfect.

Also, “That did NOT occur to us.”

For another great performance by him in a kind of throwaway movie (even though I liked it) check out “Along Came Polly”. He’s VERY funny and a little sad in it. His “entrance” is hilarious, and the whole time they’re going to the art opening is some of the funniest 10 minutes of movie I’ve seen in a long time. The scenes on the basketball court are classic, too.