The biggest outcast of all.

Bear with me…I like telling stories.

There’s this story of one dude who lived a bizarre, wonderful, consternating life. He was like a “standup” teacher, going on the road. He liked to challenge the status quo of the day and challenged people to think. He accepted everyone (except the overly religious, harsh, self-righteous, judgemental know-it-alls of the time) but he didn’t let people live easy and he didn’t give easy answers.

His teaching was profound. He spoke very confidently and never felt the need to defend himself. He set down an ethical standard impossible to reach. For instance, He told people to love their enemies, to do nice things for them. He also said that if someone demands something from you (like a stylish coat), give him that and more. Weird. He couldn’t tolerate judgement, as a matter of fact, he expressly said over and over not to judge other people. He also had a lot to say about human psychology and how people can lay their crap on you. He was this phenomenal teacher and yet the thinkers, movers and shakers of the time accused him of conspiring, of being a fake, of being interested in political matters. But in all actuality, he lived a life in full sync what he taught…he also expressed a respect for the political leaders of the time.

He was also accused of eating and drinking way too much, considered to be crazy (by his family and friends) and sometimes, just downright hated for what he represented.

He most clearly identified with the losers of the time. He loved people. Something about the de-valued attracted him. He hung out with the homeless, the poor, the outsiders, and those ostracized by mainstream society. He had tremendous patience with people and always found time for them, but had no tolerance for institutions or injustice.

He wanted to get people involved in something exciting, something bigger than themselves and he pointed the way.

That why he’s someone I wanted to know more about. :smiley:

I know! I know! It’s John Lennon! Right? Am I Right?

I thought it was Gene Simmons.
Oh and by the way, am I supposed to run out to church and bow down on my knees or have a big grin on my face over the greatness of Jesus? Really now, I’m interested in your point.

I thought it was Andy Kaufman…


He’s obviously talking about Confucious.

Buddha…? Allah… ?

The suspense is killing me!


Tell me more, tell me more…
Like did he do the dirty dingo every night?
And did he do it well?

From the forum descriptions

Great Debates
For long-running discussions of the great questions of our time. This is also the place for religious debates and (if you feel you must) witnessing. [Emphasis mine]

Geobabe, this is a riddle.

From many statements made in the OP it’s certainly not Jesus. So we can eliminate that one right now.

I would guess Lenny Bruce myself.


The only other thread the OP had posted to was “Christians post here” so I drew the obvious conclusion, but I could be wrong, of course.

I’m gonna guess Karl Marx.

You bunch of smart-ass heatherns [sub]sic[/sub], it’s clearly the Unabomber!

It has to be Bill Hicks. (My Hero).
“Ever notice how Creationists look so unevolved?” :smiley:

It’s clearly Timothy Leary. :slight_smile:


my guess is epicurius.

You guys are such morons, to joke about such a serious topic. Its obviously William Jefferson Clinton!!

The only other thread the OP had posted to was “Christians post here” so I drew the obvious conclusion, but I could be wrong, of course. **

I am giving the OP the benefit of the doubt. Since this forum is about Mundane Pointless Stuff, if he is actually a Christian he certainly wouldn’t be so blasphemous as to post something about Jesus here. Therefore he must be asking a genuine riddle, and we should try to answer it.

Actually, Protesilaus, I think Harpo Marx fits better than his brother Karl.

You guys crack me up.

Yeah, and your unwillingness to completely articulate yourself cracks us up as well.

What a turkey!