The biggest sporran I have ever seen

Oh my God! This thing is HUGE!

Has anyone else ever seen one so big? Is this ceremonial or does it hold some other significance? Is there a “sporran code” that denotes rank or anything?

Yeah, but may well conceal the worlds smallest shaleigh.

For those who think teaser titles are stupid, I’ll
spoil this one.
**A sporran is just the stupid tasseled purse in the front of a Scotsman’s kilt. **

I took a look at the link - sporrans like that are fairly common for the pipe majors, drum majors, and so on in a military band. When I got my kilt, my uncle told me never to get one like that, unless you’re actually a pipe major, drum major, etc. - breach of etiquette. You can get some pretty fancy ones for evening wear that don’t have all that fur.