The birth of the Blue Knight - Interesting website about one man's spiritual journey

Interesting website about one man’s spirtual journey.

Birth of the Blue Knight

I would probably enjoy reading this, but at the moment, I am preparing for a visit from my Mother, who has morphed from a PBS-watching, NPR-listening, Volvo-driving, very mildly political person into a rabid, fundamentalist, Republican, conspiracy theory spewing…um…Mom.

So forgive me for not reading. I’m heading down 3 days of craziness. A solid, thoughtful, introspective search for spirituality actually sounds rather pleasant.

Sounds like he went fucking batshit. So he thinks he’s a knight and he goes around with a sword and his body wrapped in what appears to be an old blanket? And he thinks “God is calling him to battle” as “he straps on the armor of God”, which is a dirty towel.

You are trying to be ironic by posting that, right?

I said it was “interesting”, I didn’t say it was edifying.

Now there’s a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!