The Birthday Thread!

Ok, I had this silly idea about making a birthday thread.

If anyone wants to post their B-day here, go for it!

MagicalSilverKey = January 21, 1970

dpr = August 22, 1970

Monster104 - April 26, 1983.

mblackwell = February 13, 1982

screech-owl - Aries/Rabbit

November 4, and some year in the 70’s.

april 15, 1979

brachyrhynchos = 11 April 1956

January 8, 1935.

Oh, wait, that’s the real Elvis.

June 30, 1972.

You mean you’re NOT the real Elvis???
Damn! I thought we’d finally solved it, and he wasn’t in a 7-11 at all: just the SDMB.

29 in 19 days.

Fnord: I was born on the Fifth Day of the Fifth Month In the Year NinteenHundredEighty.

June 27. Not gonna give the year, but sometime in the 60’s.

Wait! I mean, I am the real Elvis. . .

Damn, I just outed myself as another impersonator.

dpr, if you see Elvis in a 7-Eleven, then you better grab a shovel so you can bury him again. As much as I love the man, he is dead, dead, dead.

(Or so you the Government wants you to think. Really, he and Nixon made a secret pact. Elvis is now living with aliens outside of Vegas, and acts as the ambassador for Earth. Don’t tell anyone I told you.)

May 30, 1974. This year I will be registering at Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn. My favorite colors are green and purple. Thanks for asking!

September 8, 1973. :wink: any late birthday presents will be accepted. Cash is preferred. Thanks for your donations. :wink:

It’s late, I can’t sleep, and I have to be up for work in about 2 hours…

Mine’s comin’ up, I better get in on some of this action. :slight_smile:

Lux Fiat: October 2, 1977 (I share a birthday with Gandhi, Sting, and Charles Schulz. Not bad, eh?)

**Elvis: **I thought he was living in sin with Freddie Mercury next door to Salman Rushdie…

I think it’s about time people realised that even if he didn’t die back then, considering the condition he was in, he’s certainly dead by now.

**Lsura ** Sorry to hear about the sleep thing. Sucks doesn’t it? (though I’m seconds away from LEAVING work thankfully) Cyberhugs count as presents don’t they? {{{Lsura}}}

** tatertot ** Green and prurple? My fave colour combo too… :slight_smile:

dpr, he’s since taken up Tae-bo. You wouldn’t believe the shape he’s in now.

March 5th 1972.