The Birthday Thread!

My same birth year, my two favorite catalogs, my two favorite colors–tatertot,are you my nice-twin? Or maybe my sockpuppet?

Umm, Evilbeth, if I’m your sock puppet, you’ve got a pretty strange idea of fun. But twins…that would be awesome! I always thought I should have an EvilTwin.

dpr, I’ve found that only the finest people like green and purple. See Evilbeth above.

July 20, 1954

That makes me the oldest one so far (unless he really is Elvis, but like dpr says, by now he really would be dead so I’m the oldest living poster at this thread so far). Do I win a prize?


(put that geritol bottle away, not that kind of prize)

3rd Jan '71 .

February 16, 1973.

27/10/70 (but my official thread party will have to be after it this year cos I’m going to Denmark! gives you more time to save up the vitual beer!)

ANy duplicate birthdays here?
Theres gotta be some. I heard if you are in a group of 50, someoen will share your birthday.
I will be 42.
Was born the day before Thanksgiving.

December 19, 1975. This year I will hit a quarter century.

8 August 1973, exactly one year before Richard Nixon resigned. (It was almost even the same time of day.)

September 11, 1970
Yep that’s right I just turned 30. :wink:

February 21 1974,

Exactly one year from the day my older sister was born. Talk about stealing someones thunder hey?

March 3, 1969

June 3rd, 1979.

Happy Belated Or Early Or Approximately Right On Time Birthday everyone!


August 27, 1974
On a Tuesday at 11:55pm, and I’m still a night person.

Cool Monster–that’s my sister’s birthday. Only she’s ancient compared to you. She was born in 1967.

Me? I’m June 19, 1964. Juneteenth, the great holiday celebrating the day that blacks in Texas found out that slavery had ended–2 1/2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. See for more details.

January 23, 1972

Lesse… November 18, 1982

and Elvis lives in Edmonton btw. I know someone who delivers him his paper every morning.

Today, actually.

Thanks, SilverKey!

August 19th, 1963.