The Black Woman is God

its true isn’t it?

i mean no one can really dispute this

Whatever-it’s your fetish.

Not clicking on that link unless you’ve got some explanation for what’s behind it, but I can’t help but think your final statement is likely to be proven incorrect.

It’s just a JPG of a poster touting how black women are the superior people because of the melanin in their skin and other features of their bodies.

Never heard of that argument before, not even from black women I know…

“Melanated taste buds”?

Nobody would waste their time bothering to do so.

i think you need to open your mind to African cosmology, african thought

African cosmology disproves Western Science

in fact hell, African cosmology proved General Relativity before Einstein

I’d be interested in reading your cites, should you deign to provide them.

well technically not African

but here is a source which proves that Relativity was solved by the Ancient Vedas in India before Einstein

Any cites that aren’t blogs?

Because if that is our gold standard, I’d like you to meet my friend, Otis Eugene Ray.

look i know my beliefs might not be “mainstream” and yes my threads tend to ask weird questions

but i only care about the truth
i honestly believe African Cosmology should be taught in science classes over Einstein General Relativity, its much more complex than GR
i honestly believe Einstein and all the German Scientists back in the 1920s created relativity and quantum mechanics because they were jealous of the various rich cosmologies in Africa and in India etc**

I don’t find anything divine about sub-Saharan African women, or men either for that matter.

African studies are irrelevant outside of the African culture.

are you sure man

african cosmologies tend to be pretty complex much more than Einsteins GR

It should be pointed out that the Vedic religion was introduced to India by the ancient Aryans (Medes) who brought their beliefs, culture and language with them when they began migrating southward out of Iran across the Hindu Kush and into India.

Ah, but is it the bestest cosmology ever?

i dont get why scientists tend to deny the importance of cosmology

They may be complex, but they (like the people who developed them) are irrelevant to the rest of the world, apart from being a problem when they exist outside of their urheimat.

The best cosmology is the one that belongs to the culture that developed it.

Do there two statements seem compatible to you?