The Blue Man Pentium Commercial

My fiancee and I have become big fans of the Blue Man Group, despite the fact that we’ve only seen them on the Intel Pentium commercials.

In the latest commercial, one of the Blue Men is drumming on a tube. My question is, is the sound that is produced (apart from the electric guitar) actually from the tube or was it added in later?

Well, I don’t remember exactly the sound coming out of the tubes from the commercial, but I can tell you for a fact that the Blue Men do indeed have a tube based instrument that works exactly like that. Its called the Drumbone (a la trombone because of how different sounds are produced). Its approximately the same size and it does make a pretty good sound. I bought the Blue Man Group album, Audio, the other day and the songs on it feature an array of instruments you wouldn’t expect would make as good a sound as they do.

Blue Man Group has an impressive array of live performance computer systems that enhance their audio. You can read all about it at:


You must go to Las Vegas and see them perform. They totally rock. They Even have a CD out if you want to get it.

The Blue Man Group Auido

Did I miss something here? That link Chas E. posted was from the Apple website which says they use Macs…and Blue Man Group does the Intel commercials? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? I don’t know of any business dealings between Apple and Intel (or between any computer companies whatsoever, to be honest. I’m not much into these things), but I didn’t think Intel made Apple products. Aren’t Pentiums designed for PCs?

I’m confused…

I guess they found faster hardware using the Intel Pentium 4 chip.

I doubt Apple paid them for that web page, but even if they did, so what? I doubt they would have a formal contract which forbade them from working for Intel for such a thing anyway.

That’s easy… they use the Mac system for their performances because they or their crew prefer that platform or system of operation, (No Mac vs. PC arguing please) while Intel pays 'em a bucket of cash to do the commercials.

I will admit, though, that I had not the faintest clue that the characters were an actual music/acting troupe. I had thought them simply a clever marketing scheme. :smiley:

I am interested in that album though…


That is correct. It is well known in the advertising industry that most Intel commercials are made on Macs. Like for example, the famous early Pentium commercials’ computer graphics produced by John Knoll (the inventor of Photoshop) were created on Macs.

The Blue Man Group’s production called “Tubes” has been playing in a tiny theater in NY’s East Village for quite a few years. I’ve seen it twice. They play a wide variety of instruments made from PVC tubing.

“My fiancee and I have become big fans of the Blue Man Group despite the fact that we’ve only seen them on the Intel Pentium commercials.”

—Funny; I had been a fan of theirs UNTIL I saw them on those damn annoying commercials . . .

I’m afraid that I probably won’t get to Las Vegas anytime soon :frowning:

When planning my honeymoon, I found that we’ll probably need to spend a Monday night in New York and thought about going to see their show that night. But guess which day the Blue Man Group doesn’t play on in New York?

I’ve heard about the CD, but think that I may purchase the DVD, which, although it doesn’t contain any video, does contain 5.1 sound.

I’m such a geek.

I agree with you, Eve. Those commercials are getting quite annoying.

Those Blue Man Group commercials don’t hold a candle to their real show, but they’re still better than most commercials. And the first time I saw one, it just seemed a little off, somehow. It took a while, but I think I finally figured out what it was. In their stage show, they have a definite persona (for lack of a better word). Even as they’re creating lots of odd little objects and moods, they have a certain cautious, bemused reaction to it all. That’s missing from the commercials. Even Intel isn’t going to pay network rates for someone to stare quizzically at something for ten seconds.

Somebody get Nymysys in here, resident authority on all things Blue Man Group.

I saw their performance on the Grammys, and I thought they did a wonderful job with the female singer. I didn’t catch her name, but it was a tremendously inspired joint effort.



However, the one question I’ve seen so far has already been answered. For any other questions, just use the words Blue Man Group or Nymysys, and I shall appear in a twinkling. :slight_smile:

Just to drop a bit of info in gazpacho’s and anyone-else-that-is-interested lap (boy that’s horrible phrasing, but I’m tired), the BMG show in Vegas is incredibly different from the ones in NYC, Boston and Chi. The latter three all have a few differences, but are mostly similar. The Vegas one is a whole 'nother concept and rocks in it’s own little way.

This has been your bit of BMG trivia for the day.