The Bluesclan is back online!

Hey everyone! After waaaay too long without a home internet connection, we finally are hooked up! WooHoo! We reallymissed our regular SD fix.

So anything new and exciting happen while our access was few and far between?

Oh Hi! Hi! Hi! We missed you! Hi! Hi! Hi!!!

I think I’ve had too much sugar.


How’s Florida? Huh? Hi!

Don’t mind Ginger. We’ve cut off her sugar supply, so she’ll be fine in a few hours.


We missed you too, Gingy. I don’t think it’s the sugar, it’s just that stimulating Dundalk air.

Indeed, you have been missed. Big hugs to all.

Does this mean that you moved to Tampa already, or was it just a short outage?

You’ve been missed, no question about it. Glad you’re back!

Lessee, what have you missed? Today we had competing MAD events - one group of us went to the Maryland Ren Faire, and another group did the rollercoasters at Six Flags. Dope-a-Ween is just a few weeks off, and alas, you guys won’t be there. But a few weeks after that, Mrs. F. and I will be down your way. Expect an email!

Hugs back, gobear. You and the bf should come visit us in Tampa!

Yes, we are in Tampa, ShibbOleth, complete with alligators in our backyard and everything. You should come see them!

We are looking forward to seeing you, RT. Bring your bathing suits, and we’ll barbeque by the pool.

So, which part of town did you end up in? And I’m curious to hear your reports over time on the school district you chose as well as the particular schools the kids are in. Thx.

We are in Town and Country, which is suburban NW Tampa. The high school here seems okay so far, but we’ll have to see. The very best school available was in SW Tampa, and there was really no way for us to afford a house in that area, damn the luck.

Where is SW Tampa, near Hyde Park or something? Town and Country was “the” place for a while, maybe back in 1980s or so. I’m sure it’s still fine. How are housing costs there, 200s or so?

I’m not sure where Hyde park is…but the area we wanted to be was right in the city proper. Not a chance, unfortunately. It is very nice out here, though. Houses are around the 200’s here. Ours was 225, but there are many that area in the 270-290 range that are quite amazing.

Hope you’re all setled in comfortably.