MADs: BluesClan Farewell Party Sunday 8/17

As most of you know, the BluesClan is abandoning us soon for sunny Florida. What you didn’t know - and what even they didn’t know until yesterday - is that they’re moving out this coming Monday.

So if we want to throw them a farewell party, the time is now. Or this weekend, anyway. Specifically, this Sunday at 4pm, at the beautiful Firefly estate. We’ll grill burgers (real and Boca), we’ll drink beer and soft drinks, and we’ll spend a few hours with Lucretia and Bluesman and their offspring before they hit the road for points south.

So y’all come and help Mrs. F. and me give them a rousing sendoff, OK?

Logistics: We’ll be providing burgers, buns, condiments, chips, a side dish or two, and about a case of beer and several 2-liter bottles of soda. If y’all can bring side dishes and desserts, we should be in good shape.

I’ll send out an email on Friday to those who post here, with detailed directions. The Firefly mansion is in Chesapeake Beach, MD, about 1/2 hour SE from Exit 11 of the Beltway, and about 1/2 hour S of Annapolis.

Right, then. I might be back in time to be there. Send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do.

Now what am I supposed to do at the dopefests now without the little girl sticking things in my hair? The fests will be so boring now. :frowning:

So where’s this thing exactly?


Assuming that’s what you were asking:)

I rather doubt that fizzy and I will be there, though I’ll ask her when she gets home how she feels about driving up north this weekend.

I couldn’t possibly miss this. Unfortunately, it might mean that I’ll have to forgo the Doper Wimmins Lunch in Baltimore on the 16th.

Anita, tell 'em to come to the BluesParty instead! We’ll have lots of food.

Edward - I’ll be sending you that email.

iampunha - I know it’s a long drive (oh lordy, do I know!), but we’d love to see the both of you.

I’m working on it.

But it’s awfully short notice, RT.

But I really want to send Bluesman off with that half-gallon of Applejack I have.

Home brew! Good for what ails ya!

I’m there, dude. Aaron and I will definitely be there, but Robin will not be. She’s off to Montreal this weekend.

I, however, would not miss this for the world. :slight_smile:

And someone needs to call Dave and Ginger. They’re offline for the week because of the move.

Anyone have their number?

I’ve got their phone #; I’ll try to remember to call them when I get offline.

It’s all about timing, isn’t it? Alas, we shan’t be able to attend because we already have plans involving a night in a hotel…

I’m really disappointed - Bluesman and Lucretia were among the first Dopers I met and I wish I could come say goodbye. Guess I’ll just have to hook up with them in Florida before I leave!

I wish we could be there guys but I am working like a dog the next two weeks to finish my hours for AmeriCorps. That means working until 6 every day and I doubt after a week like that I’ll be in the mood to tackle 81 on friday or early saturday.:frowning:

Hope y’all have fun though. We’ll see you cats at dopeaween.

The farewell party is on Sunday. Does that help? (I hope I hope I hope.)

Looks like the MADinner is getting postponed again. I think 3 Doper events in one weekend is a bit much, anyway.
That being said, count me in to send off the Bluesclan.

av8rmike - looking forward to seeing you!

iampunha and fizzes - like Anita said, the party’s not until late Sunday afternoon, if that makes a difference. (I noticed, fizzes, that you said things were crazy the next two weeks, so maybe not.)

FCM - get an early start Sunday, then put down that chainsaw and join us! (Preferably in that order. ;))

I left a message about the party on Dave and Gingy’s answering machine last night.

The Bluesclan
RTFirefly and Mrs. Firefly
Anita Vacation
Airman Doors and Bomb Bay Doors

Maybes (of assorted likelihoods):
Edward the Head
Jonathan Chance, Lady Chance, and Baby Kate
iampunha and fizzestothetop

Bummed because they can’t make it:
FairyChatMom and FairyChatDad
OpalCat and family (from the Fathom thread)
TruePisces and Verrain (from LJ)

Damn. I can’t make it. :frowning:

I really wish I could, though.

That’s too bad, ultrafilter. We’ll miss you.

We will be there. Does this mean no MADinner? I gotta know so I can find a sitter if there is.