Hey, MADs!! It's time for UglyFest!!

First, the background.

We’ve got a closing date: July 30. Sometime the following week, we’ll get our furniture delivered and start to get settled in. Shortly thereafter, we’ll start demolition and remodeling, but just before that happens, we want to show off the ugliness of our new home.

Here are the official details:

Sat, Aug 7 (unless our closing date changes)
3-8 PM
Mechanicsville, MD

RSVP and I’ll send directions. This is a family event, so spouses, SOs, and kids are welcome. Non MADs are welcome, too, but while I know my fan base extends across the globe, I’m not so vain as to expect anyone beyond a few hours of driving.

So, who will I be seeing??

It’s possible you could see some Doorses…


And the Doorses could see themselves in our doors - did I mention in the other thread that all the closet doors in the house are mirrored?!? :eek:

I told you I couldn’t do the first week of August – that’s the last day of my annual week in Cape May. Sorry – can’t make it.


Sorry, twicks - it’s because the closing is sooner than we thought. I am truly bummed. :frowning:

But you’re welcome any time, if you don’t mind sawdust and stuff… I’ll catch you via IM.

Hmm, is there a way to cut over from the Eastern Shore at Annapolis? If I took the ferry down from Cape May and went across Delmarva on 404, it looks like that’s where I’d end up.

I’m sure traffic would be no problem on a Saturday in August. :eek:

The Bay Bridge crosses the bay from Annapolis to (I think) Kent Island. We’re a bit less than 90 minutes from the Bay Bridge. And, actually, I don’t think the traffic is that bad on Saturdays - it’s Friday and Sunday that are killer - at least in my experience…

Dare I hope???

Two and a half hours from Lewes to Annapolis; so that would be four hours total, plus however long it took me to go over to Lewes on the ferry. I’d definitely want to stay over that night (hint hint).

Let me think about this.

Well, we should have a spare bed available…

The idea is completely insane.

Luckily, that doesn’t disqualify it from consideration.

Mechanicsville? I thought you were moving to Helen. I suppose you could refer to it as Mechanicsville if you were talking about mail service or the nearest town with actual buildings. In any event, I will be there.

I will be in Canada, but maybe Dave will be here. We don’t know yet.

I’m 99.44% sure that I’m going to be out of town that weekend.

Wish I could join you - it would definitely be fun to meet face-to-face another recent FL transplant. Unfortunately, that is the day of my brother’s wedding- and I’m their witness. So - tough call(:D), but I’ll have to miss it this time.


What’s the other .54% made up of?:smiley:

Sadly, I doubt the fizzhas will be there, it being ~500 miles from here, plus we just did a jaunt up north a week ago.

Rounding error, right?

I would love to come! Please send an invite to brookeln (at) earthlink.net! I am looking forward to finally meeting you! :wink:

Hiya Mum

First off, moi and I would love to see yer new ugly digs, schedule permitting.

Second, as I fellow Doper and a construction worker I feel compelled to offer you a coupla days of help, whether it be demo, framing or whatever. Let me know, eh?
Good luck with the new place, can’t wait to buy my first.

YOU SAID “EH”! I’m so proud. :sniff: :wink:

FCM, I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m good for all manner of remodelling help. I can swing a hammer with the best of them, and as long as there’s no poisons to cause me having a flipper baby, I’ll be along to help paint, etc, as well.

Technically, it is Helen, but our mailing address is Mechanicsville - something about the Helen PO being full??