The boiler in my building doesn't work, there's no hot water, repairs are scheduled for tomorrow.

The boiler in my building is broken, we’ve got no hot water for the foreseeable 24 hours or so, I feel dank and stank. What should I do? What do you people do in this situation? How do you handle it?

I think I’m going to take the plunge and shower in ice cold water, what thinks you of this mate? I believe I’ve done it before in my younger more robust days.

All right, I’m going to do it!

It’s 8:42pm here and I am about to step into the shower. If I don’t return in 45 minutes (at the latest) there will be a record of what happened to me.

Heat water on the stove or in a kettle. Mix with cold water from the tap. Stand in your tub and use the resulting pleasant temperature water for a sponge bath. Shower tomorrow.

Shine on, you crazy diamond. :smiley:

Good grief…I’m shivering just reading your post!



I would use my hotel chain rewards points and stay a night or two for free. I would get up in the morning, have a nice breakfast on them and then go back and check on the house.


I would go to a friend’s house, but people get “funny” about you using their bathrooms.

Update: ok, I’m out. The water was ICE cold. I’m still shivering right now.

Shower at the gym? That’s what I’d do. Then again, my gym is right next door.

I don’t get it. Boil water. Take a bath. Big hairy deal.

Years ago I prepared for a move by notifying the utilities. Everything went smoothly except for the gas company shutting down 3 weeks early. I shoulda called to correct things, but I was in a “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” phase.

So I showered in ice cold water daily for 3 weeks. It was fucking awful.

I live in a small, old house that often has pipe freezing issues in cold weather. Even when I remember to run the water I often get caught without water in the bathroom during those coldest days.

I have found I can fill a large pot full of water (2-3 gallons) and warm it on the stove to a nice temperature, then go in the shower - wet down, suds & shampoo, then rinse - with ease.

In fact it’s so effective it reminds me (ever so briefly) how damn wasteful I am on any normal day.

Not every home has a bath tub!

One day? Bird bath.

Most homes do have a large kitchen sink, and if you stand on a towel on the kitchen floor you can get yourself fairly wet using microwaved or boiled water mixed with tap water, lather up as if you were in the shower and rinse yourself.

You can’t go 24 hours without a shower? I mean, yeah, I try to shower daily, too, but if it’s between ice-cold water or a little extra deodorant for a day…

If I were desperate and exceptionally smelly, I’d ask to shower at a friend’s place or I’d heat up water and sponge-bathe the important bits.

For the future I can heartily recommend that you get a camping shower bag which can live folded up under your sink for years until you find a need for it.

You figure out how to hang it in the shower stall, fill it with water heated on the stove to your favorite temperature, get nekkid, stand under it, and shower.

Reasonably cheap too.

[me? I have a pressureized and heatable shower appliance for camping.]

Sounds like my perfect Saturday.

Buy and use a shower mist spray shower head. The water comes out near room temperature and not so cold.